Responsibilities of being a Basketball Coach


A basketball coach has a myriad of responsibilities that include the importance of being a moral, upstanding role model for the players on his team. As NBA great Dave Debusschere said, »The best teams have chemistry. They communicate with each other and they sacrifice personal glory for the common goal.« A coach is not only a role model but also a mentor and teacher. A basketball coach will mold and develop his team as people as well as athletes. He is responsible for his players the same way a school teacher or parent is responsible.

The coach is responsible for his players well being and safety while the players are in the coach’s care. Every country and state has specific laws which govern coaches of athletes, whether you are coaching children, adults, amateurs, college level, or professionals. For children who are in the care of coaches it is important to remember that the coach has legal and moral responsibilities. As a coach you must make sure to learn state laws on reporting things like child abuse and to maintain the confidentiality of student records. As a coach of players who are paid professionals one has to be familiar with employment laws and union contract rules. There are many legal and ethical things which a basketball coach will find are within the realm of their responsibility regarding their player’s safety and care. He has a duty to the team and staff to assist them with their physical and mental health. They have moral and legal obligations to their team.

This article lists a few concepts to review in regards to the responsibilities of a basketball coach. Find the list of some of the responsibilities of a coach below but realize that there are more:

  • A coach must develop a coaching philosophy.
  • A coach must develop appropriate curriculum to teach the sport.
  • A coach must make age appropriate decisions and plans for his team.
  • A coach must be responsible for the environment where the team plays.
  • A coach must inspire his team and motivate them when needed.
  • A coach must make sure all legal, moral, ethical standards are in place.
  • A coach must be a communicator who is clear and well spoken.
  • A coach must be reliable, responsible, and compassionate.
  • A coach must know the rules and follow them for the game of basketball.
  • A coach must be adaptable and flexible.
  • A coach must include all people and needs to be tolerant of social differences.
  • A coach must not discriminate, be racist, bigoted, nor allow such behaviors on court.
  • A coach must be trustworthy and honest with his players.
  • A coach must respect himself, his players, his staff, and the community.
  • A coach must know the laws that govern employees and comply.
  • A coach must know about first aid, health laws, and maintain safe equipment.
  • A coach must acknowledge injury or a player and follow procedures for the players care.
  • A coach must know how to provide effective constructive criticisms to his players even during times of stress like during games.

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    hi iam henok from addis ababa ethiopia.i am a student of ma in physical education by basket i need your help so much.and i wish to be a good basketball couch.

  3. Thank you very much for the information. I am a young manager of a basketball team so now I know what to expect from my coach.

  4. G’day all my name is Mr Carruthers i ‘am from Perth wa and i have been in the game since i was 5yrs old i have ref’d the best in australia and just before christmas 2012 my team won back to back to back grandfinals of Mens SBL thestratorgy was being mate with your opporsition it works wonderful it you want to rub your mates hah anyway i have now hung up my boots and living my dream as i always wanted to be a professional ball coach and looking to hang with the greats as i start working on the best plays and best slam dunks we today have never seen .So one day these young players will not only become superstars they will become some what Micheal Jordans #23 r

  5. Hi Eitel,

    This was very informative. I may have an opportunity to coach a club team soon and am feeling overwhelmed as ive never coached. I played from a young age through 1 year of college. I am trying to soak up as much as I can. Any thoughts, advice, material??

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