There are many peewee and school teams that both boys and girls can play for. That’s good to know right? Well, what if your father is the coach? Is that a good thing? Different people have different answers. For some, it’s a good thing, but there are some conflicts. Let’s look at a few of those.

The first problem that many people find is that some think that the father as the coach will play his or her son or daughter more than the other players. Every child wants a chance to play. It is expected that each child will get a fair amount of time to play as well. However, some parents who are the coach do not do this and therefore, play favorites.

On top of not only getting more playing time than the other players, with the father as a coach, the son might get the start position whether he deserves it or not. On a team, you have to show which position you are capable of. It should be earned not just given. Some fathers when they are the coaches of their son just give them this position.

They might not ride them as hard. The team could be doing its worst, but the star player and the coach’s son might be the answer to the problem. If only coach would ride them more, but they do not want to see their kid in pain after a long day of practice. The coach might even be biased and say that there isn’t anything wrong that there is no need for the extra practice.

The coach which is a father of a basketball player could even push the son harder. They might push them to the brink. Abusive words could be spurted out. It could get downright mean. The child might fear the father or fear making a mistake at the lash out. Extra practice might be demanded. It might not be a very good idea in this circumstance or any of the ones above. Each player should be treated fairly. The father might give the son a bit more leeway or even expect more as the father could have been a basketball player himself and want his son to be just like him. The pressure just adds up on both the players and the son. In most cases, it works but in some cases it fails. The choice is the coaches.

These are all common things that people fear or face when the coach is not only the coach of these players, but the father of one as well. For many reasons, if the father is a coach, they will put them on a different team. Though, it is becoming more common now days to having son under the wing of father. These are just the things that you need to beware of when it relates to this topic. These things have been conflicts of the past. It could very well continue on as well.

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