How to do a layup correctly

A layup is simply running to the basket on the right or left side and by leaping, placing the basketball into the net with under arm or over arm movement. The layup is done one handed and is counted as a 2 point shot in basketball. One is able to do a layup in basketball from both the right and left side. When you are in a game it is important to be able to do a layup from both sides if possible since you do not know how your opponent will defend you or the basket.

An athlete always has a dominant hand unless one is ambidextrous. This means that most athletes will need to remember to practice using both hands. Although an athlete may not be accustomed to playing with a particular hand it is important to dribble and perform layups on both the left and right side to gain dexterity and athleticism no matter which side is dominant. It is a good practice to learn to do layups and dribble with both hands since this makes one a more versatile player. Here are the steps to completing a layup correctly. One should start on the dominant hand.

Then add the practice of the non-dominant side. Practice every day and do not become discouraged because even professional basketball players put in many hours of practice on layups and still make mistakes. The leaping basketball dare devils we see on television are the products of a lot of practice. Please also remember to wear the appropriate shoes and apparel for playing basketball. You must have on footwear that is appropriate for the basketball court or practice area to avoid injury to one self. Also make sure to warm up properly before starting your layup drills.

  1. Place a cone or make a line 15 feet from the basket. Approximately where the free throw line would be if you are on a court. You can practice layups even if you are not a court with a hoop and a ball. Just remember to give yourself about 15 feet of room from the basket for running.
  2. Starting at your cone or line begin dribbling your basketball. Start with your dominant hand for the first drill.
  3. Dribbling the basketball toward the basket (as you gain skill you can then run to the basket) bend your outside knee of the outside foot, leap to lay the ball near the basket, using one hand to bounce it off the backboard and into the basket. One jumps straight up to the basket, leaping to place basketball on the backboard to bounce it into the basket or roll ones wrist or fingers to place basketball into the net.
  4. For continued drills grab your own rebounds and run back to start. Begin again. Continue to practice the layup on both the left and right side.
  5. Remember to keep eye contact with the basket, backboard, for in real games one would have a defender.

Photo credit: bdjsb7