I’d like to point out a website, which is run by Emily and her team that shares the teachings of Dena Evans and Dick DeVenzio.

Keys to the Gym is a website dedicated to supporting athletes, coaches and leaders with inspirational and informative content to have the most meaningful, satisfying and successful careers as possible.

The work of Dena Evans, Dick DeVenzio and the Point Guard College has been refined over the past 30 years and speaks to the stuff that really matters about the game. Keys To The Gym is giving everyone, everywhere access to this powerful material. This website should be on the link list of any coach or player. The video blogs cover many aspects of the game and powerful teachings you can also adapt to your life off court too.

Here are two great video blogs in which Dena speaks about Dreams and Goals.

Make sure you visit the blog and connect on Twitter, too. Don’t forget to say “Hi” and leave a comment or tweet.