Good basketball coaches are continually trying to find ways in making their practices more creative yet efficient for their players. Coaches only have a limited amount of time to work with their teams during practice therefore; coaches want their players to get the most out of the limited time during practice.

What is most important?
Begin by first deciding what you feel is most important for your players. Once you decide what is most important you should prioritize that fact during practice. Place different priorities daily in practice or you can keep the same priority until your players have mastered that priority.

Practice plans
Create your own practice plan and institute drills and the amount of time you want to devote to particular things during practice. You should make a habit of writing things down which will help you in keeping track of your aspirations for your team. I highly recommend that you write out your practice plans after each game. This will allow you to have what needs to be worked on fresh in your mind as you construct your practice plans. You do not want to be rushing around right before practice while determining what needs to be worked on. Stay organized and you will find this will help you with your practices as well as overall coaching skills.

Priorities for your team
Decide how much time you want to work on particular priorities during practice. Schedule the teams time wisely. You can break down particular aspects of your priorities for your team which you feel is most important. Due to the short attention span which coaches commonly deal with, use drills with short time spans which will help with getting the maximum effort from your team.

Become a multi-tasker
Create drills and particular situations which will allow you to work on different aspects during practice. It is very important as a coach for you to teach and emphasize things to your team. When scrimmaging your players against one another, keep in mind that the score should not be important. What is most important is identifying what players need help and where. Make sure you write the players names down on paper while annotating what they need to work on.

Ensure that your players can come to you for advice or help
Create an open door policy for your players. An open door policy will allow your players to know they can come and talk to you or the assistant coach at any time. Some people might argue that this is not a good management tip however, if your star player is all of a sudden not performing well on the court, there are obviously issues and you will want your star players to understand that they can come to you for help or just a friendly ear. In my eyes, this is one of the more important management tips for coaches and should be performed by all coaches.