This is a guest post by Dustin from Breakthrough Basketball

One thing I have noticed at recent camps is that some players are too critical of themselves. They run through the drills and get upset when they make mistakes, even the smallest of things. It’s almost like they think someone is watching and judging them.

The reality is that these players are too worried about being perfect and it slows down their development.

Of course nobody wants to slow down their progress. So here are some ideas to help your get more out of your basketball camps and practice time …

Positive thinking can play a huge role in your success not only as a player, but as a person. By applying a couple simple strategies to your everyday life, you will see some rewarding results. Below you will find a few helpful ideas that will assist in your success at basketball camp.

The Law of Attraction: The great Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” The Law of Attraction is simple: you become what you think, and you attract what you think about. This goes for both players and coaches; thinking positively in every situation will usually result in a favorable outcome.

Eliminate Negative Thinking: Just like the Law of Attraction states, if you’re constantly thinking about negative things, you’re going to attract negative things. At camp, make sure you eliminate your negative thoughts, and think of the positive side of the situation. For example, if you’re in a shooting slump, instead of thinking, “dang, I am an awful shooter,” think positively about how you can correct your shot, and get back on track. Although this can be challenging, you’re going to appreciate the result in the long run.

In order to really make this method work, you need to not only say positive thoughts, but also visualize them happening. The more emotion and desire towards your thoughts, the better chance you will have at succeeding. Going back to the shooting slump, make sure you are visualizing yourself draining a shot from the top of the key, and how perfect your stroke felt. Seeing things like this actually happening in your head will significantly benefit your success. More and more shots will begin to fall, and your confidence will return.

Go ahead and get started with this method right away. Next time you start to struggle, immediately replace the negative thought with something positive. Believe that what you’re telling yourself is going to happen. Make sure that when you replace the negative thought with something positive, you truly feel and believe it. Applying this method to your daily life will result in outstanding results. Go into camp thinking positively, and carry it out all the way through. Also remember that your positive attitude will not only help you, but the other players and coaches around you.

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