After the game is a good chance for all coaches to build their team’s togetherness and harness on a hard played game to cement further their team mentality. No matter if you’ve won or lost, a lot of your players will often go out for a drink, hang out, or do something together that is fun. The key thing here is fun! The team just physically and mentally exerted themselves, and regardless of the end game result, are looking simply to unwind with some friends. This is a good chance for you the coach to set up some activities that aren’t based off the game result but simply meant to emphasize the team image and structure. Here are some simple ideas …

Go out for Dinner
You could have your entire team just go out for a nice dinner somewhere and just relax. Good food and good friends always put anyone at ease and allow them just to let loose and refuel their batteries. No matter the result of the game, players are people, and people need entertainment and food. Fulfilling these needs together kills two birds with one stone.

Watch a Game of Sports together
Going to watch a professional league sports game together is another fun way to build the team. Many professional teams offer discounts and often are even willing to put on little tours and small “meet the player” sessions that can mean a lot to your younger players. You going a little out of your way for your player’s happiness can go a long way the next time they step onto the court for you.

Go Out to the Movies
Heading out to the movies or arranging a movie night at your house can also just melt away the game day stress. Everyone likes to watch movies, and even if they aren’t interested in a particular movie, they likely will be interested in the companionship. They’ll get to know other people on the team that they otherwise may not be familiar with, and it may break some ice that otherwise would remain solid.

Keep it Simple
Sometimes these simple gestures right after the game can go a long way in ensuring that your team gets along and gets to know one another. Sometimes people need a gentle nudge in the right direction, and sometimes people just need to be pointed the right way. In the end people simply need to remember that basketball players are just people and that they’ll feel good or bad, win or lose, without fans needing to tell them what to do or feel. Coaches are not only around to help their players grow as players, but to help them grow as people. That includes team recreation, and team building exercises. Not everything can be done on the court, and when you put together the full package that includes on and off court activities, you will find that your team will not only perform better, and feel like a cohesive unit, but they’ll just feel better, and without the distractions and the stress, they will be able to concentrate more on the game!