The importance of good shooting is underestimated in some of today’s basketball players. Short and slow players can still make it a long way in a basketball career and obtain scholarships so long as they can shoot a high percentage from a long range. This isn’t to say that a well rounded game wouldn’t get you just as far; it is just encouragement for those that have a strong shooting game, but may lack the height, or the speed of the other players. Even if you currently possess a very strong shooting game, it never hurts to keep on improving in any way possible.

Early on in any player`s career the focus while it is on fun, needs to definitely be on development of skills. Shooting is one of those essential skills and habits, both good and bad are developed early on. It is up to both player and coach to work on these habits, and ensure a healthy and proper development through research, drills, and just plain hard work. Working hand in hand with your coach will go a long way as your coach will be able to spot potential issues with your shooting form and style, and give you tips and various drills that will help you in improving and correcting your issues.

While it would be easy to just list some drills and tips, not everything works for everyone, and it proves why it is so utterly crucial to work with your coach no matter what level you play at, and no matter how good you are. There is always room for improvement, and always ways to step up just that little extra bit. Those that work hard, and constantly strive to better themselves will be rewarded in the end not only with better skills, but a great reputation as a work horse, and someone who can be relied on.

One key for coaches to remember when they are working with their players is to not refer to the assistance as changes, but to refer to it in a more positive light as “adjustments”. While this may seem an unimportant point, you will find out that in fact it is quite an easy way to keep things positive and constructive. Players will occasionally get down on themselves if they think they are doing poorly or if they think that you are thinking they are doing badly, a little positive attitude goes a long way in keeping things happy and positive.

Off season workouts are also just as important as workouts during your season. You will need to ensure that your players have some form of a workout list to work on while they are on break. You could put it in folder form, or make yourself available via email to assist in the offseason activities. Some teams hold shooting camps during their off season and bring in coaches and players from other teams and leagues to get a co-op workout going that is productive for everyone involved! These types of workouts are some of the most beneficial because you get to observe the shooting and playing styles of others players, and while being told how to improve may help, watching other people perform successfully can help you pick up some ideas of your own!

Picture credit: Zander.217Creative Commons Attribution