Calvin Ramsey, also called “Cal” was born on 13th July 1937 in Selma Alabama, United States of America. He was a professional basketball and played as a Forward. He was tall and gigantic, heavenly built with a height of 6’4” and weighed a massive 200 lbs and played in the coveted NBA league, scoring many points. Calvin was commonly known as Cal among his team members and the basketball fraternity. He was drafted to the NBA in 1959 on the second round by STL i.e. the St. Louis Hawks.

Cal attended The High School of Commerce in New York. This means that Cal was on his way to becoming well acquainted in commercial transactions. Aside from getting formal education in commerce, Cal also took up Basketball as a curriculum activity. This is where the athletic abilities of Cal were developed. He got to join the high school basketball team and represented the high school in basketball tournaments. After graduating from college, Cal got an admission into the New York State University from where he continued to pursue his passion for the game of basketball. It is during one of his games that he was spotted by a scout from the St. Louis Hawk who drafted him in 1959 ushering the young athlete into the field of professional basketball and the NBA league.

During his sophomore year at the New York State University, Calvin exhibited the best games that any forward had previously exhibited. He helped the college win their games by making great shots. He slowly gained prominence in his college and was soon became the most sought after forward in New York. Cal is a graduate of NYU’s School of commerce from where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. During his senior year at the university, Calvin’s performance in the game of basketball was recognized and he earned the coveted All-American status. While playing for the university, Ramsey set some amazing records. Ramsey is still the holder of some Violet hoops records that includes season rebounds averaging at 19.6, rebounds in a game i.e. 34 vs. Boston College, career rebound average of 1,100, and a career rebound average of 17.5. Ramsey is ranked ninth on the NYU’s all-time score sheet with a total of 1,275 points.

After graduating from college, Cal went on to play for St Louis Hawks. The forward also played for other teams that included the Syracuse Nationals and the New York Knicks. Ramsey is fondly remembered by the Knick fans as the colour analyst of the 1970’s. They year 1959 is significant in the life of this forward because it is during this time that he got his draft and induction into the NBA. Ramsey has received awards for his contribution to the game of basketball. In 1978, this awesome athlete was officially inducted into the NYU Athletics Hall of fame. Sixteen years later, Ramsey also received an official induction into the New York City Basketball Hall of Fame. Ramsey has gone ahead to win the award of N.I.T’s Man of the Year Award.

Calvin’s NBA career did not last long. He was active as a player from 1960 to 1961. Despite the short stint in the NBA, Ramsey registered great success; success that saw him being offered the job as a commentator by the Knicks. He was the first black television commentator for the Knicks. He gained prominence among the fans and was fondly called the analyst of colour. After leaving the Knicks commentary, he then moved to City University of New York as a commentator this then followed his employment as a radio analyst at St. John’s University.
Ramsey moved on to take up a job at his alma mater, NYU, as an assistant coach for the NYU Basketball team.

Ramsey led the team to victories and higher heights. Notable among his achievements was the 2012-13 when he helped the team score 15-11 overall mark and the quarterfinals of the ECAC Metro Championship. Other memorable victories include a 65-51 triumph that the team had over the team from University of Rochester. Ramsey has since retired from active basketball and serves as a board member on Frank McGuire Foundation.