It’s not just with Basketball, but with any other team sport or, for that matter, any kind of sport where the vice of jealousy steps in at some point of time. You could be jealous at a new team entrant, if you see that he’s got more potential at the game than you do. You could even be jealous of a team mate, if you find that he’s a much favored person among other players in the team. This leads to a lot of animosity and you could even go to the extent of trying to break your own team mate’s image, game and any shot that might make him the star of a game.

As a player in a Basketball team you first must realize that it is a team sport, and every member in the team has an equally important role to play. It’s not just about one person or a couple of people in the team, and if you are a good player, then you will adjust and play your part in the team, without giving rise to any kind of animosity and jealousy.

Yes, jealousy is a vice that you just don’t know when it will strike, and the reasons can be very silly as well. The major reason for jealousy to evolve is because every player has different working styles and personality. When this does not match the others, or they envy the others then can be a serious problem.

So, how do you deal with jealousy in a team, especially when you know that a group of guys are all out to get you and have been spreading rumors about you? The best way to deal with jealousy when you are in the thick of it is by addressing the problem right away. Don’t let it grow until it is hard to handle.

»Cee Cee« = Communication and Counseling
Don’t try to be hostile with those who are already jealous of you. Communication is a very effective key here. It’s best that you speak up to your coach and tell him/her what the issue is. Let your coach know that you would like him to intervene and hold a counseling session among you as well as the others who you think are jealous of you. In some cases it makes sense to meet outside of the gym.

Counseling along with your coach makes a lot difference. If it’s about the game, your coach can clear the air of jealousy by suggesting some practice techniques that your team mates can adopt to achieve your kind of skills.

If its about the position you play for in the team, your coach will have a better way of making them understand of why you are there and could even come up with tactics like letting them play in your position for a few training sessions.

If the cause of jealousy is outside the game then the best way is to either talk to your coach or a common friend who is willing to help intercede and get the matter sorted. The best person who would fit this role of reinforcing camaraderie is your coach. Your coach has enough of experience, as a coach and as a person, and would have encountered similar issues with himself in the past as well. He could help you and your team mates restore camaraderie and spirit so that you take on the game as a team.

Picture credit: Pistols DrawnCreative Commons Attribution