It’s this time of the year … summer is coming to an end and the season starts!

As a team manager or a coach, not only in Basketball but in any field of sport, always focus on your work and never lose the sight in anything related to your profession. It is your duty to manage, inspire, motivate and teach the young participants in the sport all the fundamentals of the sport and make them healthy through regular exercises, and most of all remember that the sport is not a winning whip but an activity that will make kids enjoy and make them proud of participating. Here are some tips for a successful season.

Team enrollment
Before anything else comes in place as a coach, know your team. Who are your players? Look for the best suited players in your field of profession; get to know their parents since it’s the best motivation and it facilitate an open forum of contact to get to know one another. This is best for a chance to get to nurture the young players and mold them to stars of the future on this field of profession.

Preseason meetings
For a most convenient and easy running of a team as a coach with a new team, organise a preseason meetings with both parents and the young players. This helps by creating a room of parents to get a chance to evaluate the coach to whom they will entrust their children to on this period of exercise and competition season. Also the coach will have the chance to interact with the players before the due date off kick-off or practice, interact with parents hence to get to know their expectations on what he is ought to deliver as soon as the season begins. The meetings also plays role in;

1. Setting the teams theme before start of the season, where all parents and staff play a key role to contribute their views to the best of their children the team as general.

2. It also helps in setting the team exercise, and learning schedule depending on the convenient days on the availability of the players. Mostly it is affected by school or vacations, thus it is important to set the schedule in the presence of parents to try hitting the most promising dates on this matter.

3. Lastly it opens a forum for finalizing paperwork and registration of players and makes the whole list hence easy communication between parents and the coach.

First contact with players
The best chance of a coach to motivate players and create more interest in the field of sport is how he handles them in first sight. Due to excitement to have new uniforms, schedules and introduction to new routine of young players, and eager to learn more requires coaches to make contact as fast as possible. As a coach and a leader pass message on a soft, smooth tone on a most positive way possible to let the parents what is expected of them as soon as the season begins. This also tends to forward letters on updates before the season starts.

Individual and delegates responsibilities
As soon as the team is complete with players, a coach should not be overconfident alone rather appoint assistant coach, coordinator, team doctor and other staffs in regards to their specialization on the field and their strengths. A good coach should be open to ideas of his individual assistants and appreciate all work done by each thus create a positive attitude of players to respect the assistants as they respect their coach. Finally each person in the team inclusive of the parents should carry their own responsibilities be it in cheering the team and motivating the players, all in favor of making the team strong and enhance the kids to enjoy more and look forward for the future.

Lead by example.
As the old say go, when you visit Rome do as the Romans do. Therefore a coach should not expect his players to do more than is out of their capability, rather his own capability. To facilitate total cooperation from all parties, the parents , players and co-workers he should display confidence in his work ,be a fan of his own team, a die-hard of the team, organized and of them all be prepared for the future and lead the way there.

To your successful season!