Competition in the basketball arena is speeding up, it’s so fierce that there are thousands who are good at the game, and you have to fight these thousands to make a cut to the team. However when the time comes to tryout for a team, it could bring a lot of rattling nerves, even if you are the best of players. Another reason why tryouts are very nerve wrecking is that these tryouts are physically as well as mentally challenging, especially since these tryout last from a few days to even an entire week.

At every step you make you need to make sure that you show up a lot of confidence level. You need to show that you are confident of yourself and your game; this is because coaches can sense this confidence. Exuberating confidence however does not mean that you need to be overconfident! If you notice basketball players that are good, you will notice that they have a different kind of confident “swagger”.

One thing is for sure, coaches make basketball tryouts extremely rigorous just so that they make you miserable. This infact works when they want to separate the good players from the excellent ones. There are several ways to show that you are a confident player and fit the role of their team.

Firstly if you want to be confident enough of your game and yourself then you need to practice the game, shots, dibbles, layups and every technique possible. You also need to build up a good knowledge base about the game. Although an overnight practice will not make you an overnight success, it will surely help you brush up with your skills and see to it you don’t have to show the rusty side of your game, on the first day of tryout.

You also need to make sure that you wear the right kind of clothing for the tryout. You don’t want to wear anything that is falling off your waist or is too tight fitted. Also make sure that you show up on time, it’s always preferable that you show up atleast an hour early so that you get yourself composed. It also shows that you are a responsible player and a punctual one as well.

You are the best just of your strengths and weakness. Make sure that you showcase your strengths; however you also need to make sure that you keep it within limits and don’t go overboard with it. For example if you are excellent as passing then show the coaches that you are excellent with your passing abilities. You also need to show that you have a complete game, and for this you can play down your weakness a bit, but at the same time you need to make sure that you are confident of yourself. For e.g. if you are not good as a three pointer, then try and take a shot when you are wide open however make sure that you don’t over do it.

Picture credit: geocam20000Creative Commons Attribution