If you are a parent and are trying to determine whether your children should be involved in team sports, you need to know that there are many excellent reasons to be involved. These are activities which can help build your child’s self esteem, their emotional health as well as their physical health at the same time. Here are some of the reasons that you need to know about that may help you make the decision which is best for your child.

One of the top reasons to be involved in team sports is that it can help contribute to the overall physical fitness of your child. Many children do not have the opportunities for physical activity that they used to and as a result, many have ended up becoming overweight. In fact, childhood morbid obesity is rapidly becoming one of the major health crises facing the youth of today.

By putting your children in team sports, they have the opportunity to get the physical activity that they need. Whether it is at practices, games or tournaments, team sports allow your child to burn off extra energy rather than developing health problems due to excess body weight. It may even spur you on to becoming more physically fit yourself if you end up also enrolling in a team sport at the same time.

Another reason to be involved in team sports are the mental benefits that you will enjoy. Anyone who is involved in team sports will learn important lessons about working with other people and compromise that solo sports do not teach. They learn about how to handle victory as well as defeat, which are lessons that everyone needs to learn in their life. Team sports can help a child gain confidence in their abilities and teach them compassion for others on their team.

Many people feel that team sports teach children unhealthy lessons about competitiveness that may cause problems in life however the reverse is actually true. If they are on a good team, they learn how to deal with handling competition and what to do if they do not succeed. A good coach will teach them that while winning is good, it is not everything and that there are more important things in life than winning a game.

There is a social reason for having your children involved in team sports. Team sports can introduce your child to other children their own age and there can be the formation of lasting friendships. The children have things to talk about at the same time as they are being taught and guided through important life lessons during the course of the sporting season.

If you are still not convinced about the value of team sports, getting to know more about the sports and teams in your area can be a great way to answer any of the questions you may have. You may find that by enrolling your child in team sports they become healthier, happier and more well adjusted than you might have ever believed.