10 Tips for girls on how to be aggressive in Basketball


There is nothing more satisfying for a coach than to see his players play basketball aggressively. Aside from boys, girls can also play aggressively in games. You cannot count them out because if they want to, they can work hard to develop themselves in order to match up with the boys. However, the question here is how can girls help themselves to become aggressive players in the game of basketball? Aggression here should not be governed by strong or raging emotions deep within the player, but by playing hard and playing smart.

In connection to that, here are some of the ways girls can make use of so that they can be aggressive in their basketball game:

1. Be confident.
Confidence is one of the foundations of being aggressive. When you feel confident about your game, you feel as if you can do almost anything. If you feel confident that you can make the basket, you shoot the ball more relaxed. If you are confident that you can rebound the ball, you’ll go ahead more determined and jump higher to get the ball. This is how confidence helps you to be aggressive in your basketball game.

Confidence starts within you. You must learn to appreciate and acknowledge your basketball skills so that you can learn to value your self-worth as a player and as part of a basketball team. In this way, you are helping yourself to gain a high level of confidence.

2. Continue to exercise and work-out.
People who aren’t involved in professional coaching often disregard girls as not being able to perform equally to men on a physical level. Of course this is nonsense and it should not serve as a hindrance for women to go on playing the sport they love. Instead you should work-out harder and work on your technical skills. Make every second count in the gym. Basketball is a very physical game and if you want to play aggressive, you must develop a strong and healthy body in order to compete with the demands of the sports itself. Keep in mind that aggressive players play their best basketball no matter who they go up against with. They drive to the basket, sometimes risking their health, just to get a shot to the basket.

And so, you must physically prepare yourself when you want to play aggressively in basketball matches.

3. Develop mental toughness.
Aggressiveness does not just settle for a strong built, but also for a strong mind. More than the body, the mind is the one who makes the decision as to whether, or not, you want to play aggressive basketball. The thought, ‘it’s all in the mind’, matters a lot when it comes to mental toughness. Girls should be lucky enough because they have the edge in this skill more than the boys. They have the ability to control their emotions to certain limitations, preventing them from playing too much aggression when a ball game becomes dramatic and emotional. Girls should take this advantage to develop their mental toughness.

When you are mentally tough, you can continue to focus on playing aggressive basketball. Alongside with it, you can also maintain and control your aggression to a manageable level.

4. Always being ready and willing to learn new basketball skills.
Learning new basketball skills gives you more reason to play aggressively in a basketball game. You might ask why, but the reason for this is that I believe that when you know much, you exert much also. Any player would want that learning to come into play. Now, when you continuously develop basketball skills, you show that off by playing aggressive basketball.

5. Think when you play.
It does not mean that by being aggressive, you do not take the time to think at all. This should not be the case. Aggressive players think of ways on how they can drive to the basket, or move to block and deflect a shot.

People have this understanding that girls are better in talking. They tend to talk much. Well, as long as such talks are not trash talks, or insignificant, and that it centered on their communication for either an offense or defense, that would be fine. Otherwise, girls should know that in basketball, you use your mind more than your mouth.

6. Do not underestimate your capabilities.
Girls have this nature of comparing themselves to others. The bad thing here is that when you have a low self-confidence, you might have the tendency to underestimate your basketball skills and succumb to the idea that you are not good enough. This will disable you from playing aggressive basketball game.

As what I have explained, you must acknowledge and appreciate your skills. You start from there, and then you focus to develop those skills which you are good at. You do it step by step until you master such skills.

7. Overcome hesitations.
Hesitation can also cause a fall back from being able to play aggressively in basketball. With girls, they have the tendency to think too much, the predisposition of being so concerned about how they would look in a basketball move, or the fear of not being able to complete a basketball play. These are just some of the reasons why girls might hesitate at times.

Again, the solution to this is to enhance your basketball capabilities. Practice and learn basketball by heart. Acquiring great basketball skills would motivate you to play with aggression.

8. Play under pressure.
Playing aggressive is similar to playing under pressure. You seem to play as if there is no tomorrow. This is the most appreciated nature of playing aggressive basketball. You can see players diving for the ball, and jumping out from nowhere just to grab the ball off the hands of the opponent. Girls should play like this if they want to display aggressiveness in playing basketball.

9. Keep a high level of energy.
Energy can be considered as an equivalent to aggressiveness. Just try to think of this, how can you keep an aggressive basketball play without energy at all? This should make sense. Maintaining a high level of energy can be achieved by eating the right kind of diet, plus vitamins and minerals such as water. Energy drinks can also be a source, but should be taken cautiously due to the effects of its primary content like caffeine. Lastly, do not forget to take ample amount of rest and sleep.

10. Make basketball your passion.

This should be another advantage for girls because they love to be passionate about things that they want to do. This passion for basketball brings fire in their games. It is like their fuel that keeps them going and performing aggressive basketball plays.

As explained above, aggression should be taken positively in the context of basketball. Aggressive basketball players are the ones who never give their offense and defense up. They hustle in every possession. Every player, not just girls, should develop that kind of aggression.


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I have been playing Basketball for as long as I can remember and coaching from the age of sixteen. My blog,, has been created to help Basketball lovers from all skill levels to improve their game. I hope that you find my blog both useful and entertaining!


  1. Camia Crawley on

    I’m a senior at my school and we have a really big game tonight. I want to play aggressive but I just don’t know how. When I read this article it really inspired me. I have to step up for my team. I have really low self confidence. I know how to play but I’m just afraid of messing up. Thanks for posting this article. It really helped me a lot.

    • Hey Camia,
      thanks for your comment. Really happy that this article was useful to you! How did the game got? Did you have a win?


  2. Hello Eitel, I coach my daughter’s basketball team. It’s my first year. My dauther plays center and is the tallest girl in the league at 5 foot 5 and only 11 years old. Even though her height gives her the advantage over rebounding and scoring, she lacks aggresiveness. She was recently recruited to play for a traveling team and the person who recruited her mentioned the same thing. All she needs is to be aggressive. I feel that your articles discusess many qualities that can make her successful. Thanks.
    Coach Alex

    • Hi Alex, thanks, I really appreciate. I’ve had a similar situation: tall girl, lack of aggresiveness. This is something very challenging and tough to work on. I’ve found, that giving her a sense of achievement every now and then helps to develop the correct mindset.

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  4. Hi im 12 years old and play for my high school i am the fastest 100m sprinter of my age group in the city. i love basketball but im curently finding it hard to find a proper team in my area. can you help plus how do i use my speed in a basketball game?

    • Hello Chloe,

      thanks for commenting! Here are some quick tips on how to find a perfect team for you:

      A good start to finding a team matching your skill level is to get in contact with your local Basketball organization. Depending on where you live and where the teams plays league-wise there may be different organizations involved.

      Also, check the organization’s website as many teams use this official platform to find players able to fill their vacant positions.

      If you’ve found a team you’d like to join, check the team’s website and find information on when and how try-outs are held. Most of them have pre-defined try-out times. Otherwise check the practices schedules to get in touch with coaches directly.

      Regarding your second question about Speed:
      Being able to outrun most of your opponents is a huge benefit, especially in a high-paced game like Basketball, where short sprints are vital.
      To make it simple: If you can be the first down the court, you can make an easy score a lot of times.

      The difference is, though, that unlike to a 100 m sprint you start in a mostly moving (upright) position. Therefore you should work on your overall quickness, keeping emphasis on acceleration. Once you get a little older and your body has developed ask your coach for “Plyometric” exercises. In short, these are exercises to create fast and powerful movements and are used for sports which involve large parts of speed, quickness and power.

      Important: Don’t start too early with Plyometrics!

      Due to large forces which are put on your muscles during practices you should only do these exercises with professional supervision and only if you are well-conditioned.

      Hope this helps so far. Let me know, if you should need further help!

      Kindest regards

  5. Hi, im 14 years old and going into high school and I need to work on my agression very much as well as dribbling. My confidence is really low is there a way I can build my confidence to succeed in my junior varsity year.?

  6. andreah Gonzalez on

    Hi. I am 15 yrs old and i am playing in jv. My coach is telling me that i have to be aggressive and i am trying to find a way. But this helped alot because most of these steps, i have problems with, but now i know what to work on. Thank u.

  7. andreah Gonzalez on

    Hey, its me Andreah again. I just wanted to say that this really did help me. We had a game 2day and we won. My coach and my dad were impressed and said tht i played good and aggressive. Thank u. :)

    • Hey Andreah,

      thanks for your comment! Happy to hear, that these tips helped you.
      Keep going strong and let me know about your progress!!

      Kindest regards

  8. andreea moise on

    umm im going to basketball next month and so um im really looking forward to that so i read this page and its really good thank you .

  9. hi i’m 13 years old, i’m from indonesia,my position in my team was a center, i play for my school team, i’m the tallest and the biggest in my team, even though i always good at rebounding and stuffs, but my coach always said to me that i’m not aggressive, so when i read you article i hope it will help me a lot, on 15 dec 2013, i have another match and i hope this will help me to play more aggressive.

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  13. Good article…our problem with the 4&5th grade girls are that they are TOO AGGRESSIVE! I never would have dreamed that it would have been this way. It got so aggressive that even the parents were complaining…so to combat this, the coordinator decided to hold a no points full-on game last night. It was the best game so far! Really took the pressure off especially the parents who have been biting their nails (and tongues but not so well.) Have you ever heard of this? My son also plays in the same age group but the boys games are more straight forward and tame…no pushing, no scratching and no rolling around on the ground for the ball…lol

  14. I have try-outs for basketball for high school tomorrow, and honestly I was really nervous about trying to be aggressive, because I’m not that confident when it comes to being aggressive. Thank you for posting this article. It’s really inspired me to try as hard as I can, and not be afraid to be aggressive and fight for the ball.

    • Hi Bethany,

      thanks for your comment! I’m really happy, that this article has helped you.
      If there’s anything else you’d like to know, just drop me a line. I’ll be happy to help in any ways I can.

      All the best
      – Eitel

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