How to make your Basketball Shoes sticky on the Gym Court


The basketball court can be pretty slippery. With the moves that you have to make to out beat the defense, you might have to maneuver in ways that you might not have thought were possible. That means that your shoes have to be ready so you don’t slide. How do you make your basketball shoes sticky on the gym court? I might have the answers. Here they are just for you to read and maybe find some helpful hints for you to remember and try when you are on and off the court.

The first thing you can do is buy a special mat. This is called the Stick’Um mat. All, you and the members of your team, have to do is step on this, and it will give your shoes a certain grip. You might have to re-step on it every so often though.

There are also other ways to add extra grip to your shoes. This way is the B-Sharp Traction Action for your shoes. It is pretty simple. What you do is step on this towel. First though, you have to wet the towel with this stuff. It is said that people who have used this method that it doesn’t last as long though.

You might be asking what you can do in the middle of a game when you do not have access to this stuff. There is a simple way to do this as well. You might find it odd, but what you do is wet your fingers with your tongue. You then take your fingers and run them along the bottom of your shoe. This does increase the grip. When you watch professional games you might see them doing this.

Since the basketball court is so dirty, your shoes get that dirt on them. This makes the shoes seem a little slippery. What you need to do then is clean them. The professionals recommend that you clean them before every game and after every game. I suggest even at half time you clean them as to prevent any accidents. What happens as it collects dirt is that it takes away from the traction on your shoes. This can cause some pretty bad accidents if this is not taken care of. I have seen it happen before.

If you are willing to spend a little bit of money, there are special shoes that you can get. These basketball shoes are known to increase the traction. Again, you pay a bit more for these as they are made out of special material, but if you do not want to have to go through doing all of the above, this is one way to make sure that you don’t have to.

So, there you have it. These are some simple ways to increase traction so that you don’t go slipping around on the court. This can help you so that you don’t get hurt as the courts can give you some rather bad falls. I hope some of these suggestions will help you.

What suggestions do you have on making your sneakers stick on the gym floor?

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  2. Steve McLaughlin on

    Sometime this Summer, we will introduce a new product, Court Grabbers, that will allow an athlete to restore traction while on the court, during the game. This has never been done before.
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    • Thanks Chris!

      This looks interesting! I’ll see if I can get one of those and do a review. It would be awesome to compare them to the other solutions (like other mats and sprays) available.


  3. Very simple, and it will cost about 30 cents. A few friends of mine won a pretty big prize in Oregon in a 3 on 3 tournament on a very slippery cement floor indoors, put on by former OSU standout Darryl Flowers. We poured a can of root beer on a small towel and stepped on it every time we stopped. Our shoes were squeeking and we stopped on a dime while our competitors slid all over the place. So there you have it, sticky shoes for thirty cents!

  4. Great way and free! Get a towel and wet it and step on it before you go onto the court. It doesn’t hold grip for long but it does help.

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  5. Try Grip n Squeaks shoe traction bands if you want to maintain traction while you play indoor court sports. You wear them on your ankle which allows you clean your shoes as often as you need to while on the court without using your hands. Check out my web site at

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    You’ve trained hard and finally got that explosive power needed to get airborne! But if your athletic courts shoes can’t dig in and grip the floor, all of your training has been for not.

    Dust and dirt on the gym floor make it slippery. Even after cleaning the floor, dust from the walls, ceilings, rafters, and in the air settles very quickly back onto the floor, leaving athletes either licking their fingers and wiping the bottoms of their shoes, or not giving it their all due to fear of injury from slipping. Sticky sprays and powders don’t last and you have to leave the court to re-apply them. Sticky mats require you to be on the sidelines to use them. They all use chemicals. They all have recurring costs and you have to remember to bring them to the gym.

    There is a solution: GuardDawg allows you to get rid of the dust and dirt from under your shoe – without leaving the court! With GuardDawg (see, you merely add water which is abundant and free.

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