Your child’s big day has arrived and he or she is going to their first basketball practice. You are more than likely feeling more anxiety than your child. You proudly remember when your child was younger how he or she use to carry that old basketball around with them. How you use to have to yell numerous times for your child to stop shooting “hoops” and come in and eat dinner. The big day is here and there are some things which you instill into your child about the aspect of their first basketball practice.

You should at this point ask your child why they want to be on the basketball team. Do they only want to hang out with friends or does your child genuinely want to play basketball? This is a very important question your child should ask themselves because once the true reason of why they want to play basketball is known to them; they can begin to understand the obligation of belonging to a basketball team. As a parent, you must understand the goals of your child in association with basketball and this will allow you to be able to set your own goals in supporting them with the game of basketball.

Do not pressure your child. No matter the goals which have been placed, you do not want to place unfair pressure on your child. Some parents are guilty of living vicariously through their children especially in association with sports. Your child must motivate themselves with the game of basketball and you need to stay out of that equation.

Before you take your child to their first basketball practice, you must ensure that your child understands the game of basketball. When your child truly understands the concept of basketball he or she will begin to appreciate the commitment of such a sport.

Be supportive of not only the first basketball practice but all basketball practices. Your child will learn how much of a commitment the game of basketball is through their practices. Ensure that your child makes it to practice while supporting them.

Depending on the age of your child, you should drop your child off for basketball practice and return to pick them up. You should not be at the practice if your child is older. This will cause undue pressure on your child forcing him or her to want to please you as compared to the coach. You do not want to place this type of pressure on your child. Drop your child off at their first basketball practice and only ask the coach one question which should be “When should I return to pick up my child?” Then smartly leave the practice.

Ensure that your child understands good sportsmanship. You want your child to be able to function with the other kids as a team. Your child should be willing to praise other players on the team for great plays. This is a great trait which your child can carry with them throughout their lives even outside of the basketball team.

Lastly, make sure you support your child’s basketball coach. When your child is playing basketball, you have to allow the coach to do their job. Never undermine your child’s coach for this would make your child feel very awkward and your child should never have to choose sides. Let the coach do their job whether you agree with them or not.