1. Imprint/Impressum
Diensteanbieter gemäß § 6 TDG und verantwortlich für den Inhalt gemäß § 6 MDStV

Eitel Daniel
Otto-Kämper-Ring 45A
63303 Dreieich
E-Mail: eitel at layups.com

2. Adhesion/intellectual property/data security

2.1. Content of online-offers
Layups.com is anxious to offer the information completely and in continuously high quality as well as always up-to-date. Nevertheless, Layups.com does not take over any guarantee for the topicality, correctness, completeness and the quality of the information supplied on this page. Exceptional to the cases of the resolution or roughly negligent being to blame for are any liability claims against the Layups.com due to the provided on-line supply for all any damage, directly whether material or idealistic type, impossible.

All supplies offered on this page are not-binding and noncommittal. All specification is given by Layups.com after best knowledge; Mistakes are excluded. Layups.com reserves itself the right to expressly change individual sections of the website without further notice to complete or to stop the entire on-line supply for a certain time or forever.

2.2. Adhesion for References/Links
All references (links) to external websites in the online-offer of Layups.com are placed to the best of Layups.com’s knowledge and belief. It is pointed out that – at the time the links are set up – Layups.com does not know whether these linked pages have infringing or illegal contents. Despite, Layups.com does not have any influence on design or content of the linked pages. This is effective especially for pages being changed after they have already been linked to the online-offer of Layups.com.

Should linked pages comprise infringing or illegal contents Layups.com would highly appreciate appropriate hints. Layups.com will check out those links immediately and will remove such links with an infringing or illegal content promptly.

Layups.com is not legally responsible for infringing, illegal, defective or incomplete contents of linked pages and those damages occuring from using the corresponding information but will hold responsible only the provider of the corresponding pages.

2.3. Copyrights
All data – especially the databases – of this website enjoy propietary protection after § 4 und § 87 a (and following) copyright law. Editing or copying is only permitted if necessary for access to the databases or their general use. All additional edits, copies or distributions and/or public re-production, especially unapproved adoption to an internet- or intranet-offer is an exceeding of the standard appraisal of the databases and therefore will be considered as an infringement of copyrights which will be prosecuted and obliges to payment of indemnifications.

Layups.com is anxious to consider in its publications all copyrights of used graphics, audio-documents, video sequences and texts, to use ist own graphics, audio-documents, video sequences and texts or to access licensed graphics, audio-documents, video sequences and texts. All patent design rights and trademarks mentioned in the online-offer or protected by third parties are all exclusively subjet to the provisions of the respective valid identification law and the respective registered proprietor.

Owing to a simple statement it shall not be concluded that trademarks are not protected by rights of third parties! Copyrights for objects published and used by Layups.com remain at Layups.com. Copies or usage of such graphics, audio-documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without expressly consent of Layups.com.

2.4. Data security
If there is the possibility for input of personal or business data within the internet supply, the input of such data takes place basically voluntarily by the user. Personal data used by us in the framework of contract preparation/order processing are safed and only passed on to third parties for this purpose exclusively. In all other respects we use the respective data with justified interest of our company for purposes of credit verifications only if necessary.

2.5. Legal effect
The aforesaid rules for nonwarranty clause are an essential element of these online offers. They are valid for all pages of the offer. As far as several wordings of references to adhesion or only parts of it should be effectless or should become effectless, the effectiveness of all other clauses will remain unaffected thereof.