Players who want to learn how to play good Basketball, usually take the time to join a basketball camp in the off-season. On the other hand, there are also talented individuals who, actually, dedicate themselves to create basketball camps for avid basketball player wannabes.

If you want to do a basketball camp, either for children or adults, it is wise to do the planning first. You must put it at the top of your priority. Now, planning is very crucial because there are lots of things that you should consider. A great advice would be for you to sit down, clear your mind, breathe deeply, and then get a pen and paper. Organize your thoughts, and then think about the things that you need to do in building a successful basketball camp. Write all of the things that come into your mind. Write it down until there is nothing more you can think of, and then go over to the things that you have written. Organize them and place them in order so that you can come up with a plan that is orderly arranged. This is just my idea on how to start your planning.

Now, let us move to the planning of basketball camp. I will share you some ways which you can make use of to plan an efficient basketball camp. In planning, always remember to be SMART: to be Specific; and plan should be Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bounded.

1. Decide on a specific length, or duration, for the completion of the camp.
If interested attendees should stay long enough, it may cost you a great deal of monetary demand, and would likely make the entire camp shorter than expected. On the other hand, if you can make it to a point that the camp can spend some time each day, you can extend it to longer periods of time. Learning takes time. So, it is best that you take enough time for the attendees to absorb the information and give them a chance to make use of the learned things in a practical way, too.

2. Take a look at the best time to assemble the camp.
You must consider the availability of the attendees to present themselves on the meetings. A camp usually targets numerous groups of individuals. So you must intelligently pick a date that will make it possible to mosth of them to access the said camp. Usually, camps are done during the summer since there are no classes, and the youth have the opportunity to attend the camps.

3. Set your target on a special age group.
The wider the range, or intervals, of the attendees’ age, it is difficult to implement activities that would suit each of their level of skills or competency. There may be cases to set a standard that they must have acquired certain abilities to qualify for the camp. In this way, you can have an initial assessment of their capabilities, and can group them accordingly. Moreover, you can also set your attention to areas of their skills wherein they still have to work on more.

4. Decide the location of the camp.
Consider how much it will cost you to set up the camp. It will be best to choose a place that has the facilities needed for the camp to work. You can either choose to rent a private gym, or establish your camp in a local school or club. If you go on to select the private gym, it may cost that much, while if you spend it on a local school, you may be able to save money on the fees.

5. Organize a staff with assorted basketball backgrounds.
Athletes respond uniquely to persons who teach them. Selecting a staff with diversified basketball backgrounds can help you increase your options to which staff should handle a specific age group. Some attendees may easily build their trust to someone who has long experience in basketball coaching, or they can easily draw their attention to a staff that is currently playing the sport. Learners love to see a lot of basketball demonstration. It is like in reading books: It is more interesting when there are pictures that present basketball visually.

6. Analyze how much it will cost you to build the camp before setting out the fee.
Consider the things or facilities, that you will be using during the entire camp, eg. T-shirts, drinks, snacks, and deciding whether to give rumbling meals or dealing a high-priced gym could heavily impact the value. Also, do not forget to include your coaching staff into the cost. Maintaining a harmless indicator of supervising is requisite. You should have staff members that would look over a certain number of kids, for example, 5 or ten kids, perhaps.

7. Create activities before starting the basketball camp.
These activities should vary depending on the age and skills of the attendees. Activities may include the fundamentals of shooting, dribbling, and footwork. This will enable the attendees to easily embrace the physical demands of playing basketball. And also, this can speed up their level of learning of the sport. However, challenge the more skilled basketball players by not spending more time in doing the same drills that they are used to.

8. Obtain speakers ahead of time.
Speakers should be informed well ahead of time before the scheduled camp. Give them the time to formulate information with great quality. Do not simply drag someone to teach basketball just for the sake of having a speaker. Interested attendees will surely get excited to anticipate a speaker who is a certified professional basketball player.

9. Publicize your basketball camp program.
This is an effective way to get people informed that you are settling a camp for individuals who are interested to learn more about the game of basketball. It increases the chance of drawing people and increasing the number of your attendees. Publicizing means seriously advertising your camp. When you advertise, include the location, contact number, time, gender, possible speakers and activities, etc. to inform the public.

Basketball camps are useful for aspiring basketball players, especially for the youth. It is wonderful that talented basketball players, or coaches, take the time to go out in the public and share their knowledge and experience of the game.