Parents play a significant role in influencing their children to the world of sports. Usually, professional athletes start their career at early ages. For example, in the sport tennis, athletes like Venus, or Serena Williams, started to grab a hold on the tennis racquet at ages 8 or, perhaps, 9 years old. Or in the sport of basketball, Michael Jordan started to shoot that ball, maybe, as early as 10 years old or below.

These are just some examples on how early professional athletes began their respective careers. At these early stages of life, young aspiring athletes do not rely much on other people in order to pursue what they want to do. It is their parents who help and guide them into whatever they think possible for their children to become. They are the most important individuals who can give their children the support to fulfill their dreams of becoming a great basketball player, tennis player, or soccer player someday.

There are many ways parents can do to motivate their children to enter the world of sports. They do such things because they consider playing certain sports as way of improving their children’s physical, as well as their social well-being. Let us examine some motivational tips that can serve as a useful guide for parents to inspire their children to go through playing some sports.

1. Let your children play
Play is an important part of the children’s life. During the early years of life, learning is achieved through play. And so, as parents, give your children the freedom they need to express themselves. Do not be overly manipulative on what, where, and with whom your children want to play. As long as the place is safe and secure, there is nothing to worry. Giving them the freedom to do their thing enables them to exercise their power of choice. At play, you give them the chance to decide for themselves, on what they want to do, and how they want their play would go to. As a parent, you should be the first one to realize how good it feels to be free with no one dictating your actions. In addition, you are helping your children discover new things by themselves. Isn’t it great? As young as they are, they start to learn things on their own.

2. Watch your children play and observe their capabilities
As you watch your children play, observe what they are capable of doing. Do not just bring them to the park, tennis court, basketball court, or badminton court, leave them there, and that’s it. Definitely not! It should not be the case. One way to motivate your child is to be with them and watch them play. You know, with your presence, they tend to show off in order to make you proud. It gives them the security that you are happy with what they do. Just see how basketball players get inspired when their parents, girlfriends, brothers, or sisters, watch them play basketball game. Those players are, actually, the ones who will dive just to get the ball back.

3. Recognize your children’s capabilities
Now that you have observed what they are capable of, recognize such abilities. Tell your children that he, or she, is good at shooting and dribbling the basketball. Perhaps he, or she, has great potentials to become a great basketball player someday. This is one way of building up their confidence to play and, probably, pursue the sport. Anyone can admit that there is a feeling of joy and satisfaction when we are being recognized.

4. Discuss what your children want sport your children want to pursue
After seeing what sport your children is good at, be open to what they want to pursue. Discuss with them, probably, something about joining a summer basketball camp, basketball clinic, or joining a basketball varsity in school. Give them the options, make some suggestions, and let your children put up a decision. This signals your children that you are also interested to what sport they want to pursue.

5. Set some justifiable limitations
Parents should not forget about setting some limitations. These limitations should let their children understand why these are instituted. These limitations are said to be justifiable. For example, you let your children play as long as they want to, but they have to make a promise that their grades should be maintained within or above the passing rate. This is the most common limitation parents give their children because they know that education should be the utmost priority. Education is the most important wealth that parents can give their children.

These limitations can shape their children into responsible individuals some day. They will learn to develop discipline within themselves.

6. Support your children’s decision
Whatever is the decision of your children, support them. This is one way of showing them that you care for the things that they want to do. There is nothing greater in this world than to know that we are being cared of by our parents. Your children will be motivated to play and develop their skills in basketball, or any sport they want to play.

7. Encourage your children to do what they want to do
There will always be hindrances along the way. It is not easy to become a great basketball player. You will be tested to the fullest extent. Children, as young as they are, are the most vulnerable ones. A significant thing parents can do is to keep on encouraging their children. Encouragement has the powerful force of driving your children to keep on going and playing the game.

8. Celebrate with them when they succeed; support and uplift them when they fail
Experience everything with your children. When they succeed, praise them and celebrate with them. When they fail, be with them, and cry with them. Let them feel that you are there whether they win or not. Uplift their souls and encourage them to train harder. Your presence through their highs and lows are significantly valued. They will feel that they do not carry the success, or burden, alone. This inspires them even more. They will try to do their best because their success is also your success. Children always want to make their parents proud.

9. Play with you children
Spend quality time with your children. This is a great way of showing your support for them. Perhaps, you can play basketball with them. If you are a parent who knows much about basketball, take the opportunity to teach your child with your own basketball moves, skills, or techniques. Create a joyful experience of playing the sport together.

Parents are the persons who have closest access to their children. They should be the first one to show their support for their children. Moreover, children obey what their parents say. And so, parents should serve as a good influence to their children, especially with regards to entering the field of sports.