Larry Bird was a small time country boy when he came to the city to play basketball. His legendary fame in the game was for a whole 13 seasons, where he entertained his fans with his spontaneous game reasoning’s and brilliant game. He is regarded as one of basketballs all time greats and can be listed among the likes of Earvin “Magic” Johnson. When he left the game he was called “Larry Legend” and was NBA’s three times Most Valuable Player.

One of his famous quotes were “I always know what’s happening on the court. I see a situation occur, and I respond.”-Larry Bird on Basketball.

This is proof enough of the player’s insight of the game and to analyze situations much before hand. Along with Earvin “Magic” Johnson he helped catapult the game of basketball as a popular worldwide sport.

Larry Bird was born in Indiana in 1956 December 7th to a working class couple Joe and Georgia and was raised in French Lick a nearby town. The economic situation of his family was not all that great, yet Larry learnt and excellent in the game of basketball right from an early age. He was part of the school basketball team while he studied at Springs Valley High School and became a leading scorer till he completed his graduation in 1974.

Larry’s earned an athletic scholarship because of his high school game repertoire under the coach Bob Knight. After a year he enrolled at the Indiana State and while at the ISU Sycamore that he began to shine. In 1979 he was a senior and led the Sycamores to win the NCAA Championship game. This was the first time he and “Magic” Johnson’s matched talent and wits, although this would just be the beginning. He was regarded as one of the fifth-highest scorer in the history of NCAA.

Larry was a classy player and imbibed all the pride that the “Celtics” was known for. He was chosen in the first draft that was out for the Celtics. He was a very confident and hardworking player who excelled under immense pressure and also was a great inspiration for his teammates. Although Larry was a very low key professional he managed to gain the spotlight as he wowed his fans and dominated the game. When he joined the Celtics, they were reeling under the pressure of showcasing a game that was substandard and poor attendance. When Larry joined them he gained attention of the team that was already well rounded and the Celtics went ahead to win three NBA titles as well as 10 Atlantic Division crowns. Apart from winning 3 consecutive MVP titles while playing for the Celtics he has also bagged several honors like the 12 time All Start, nine-time All-NBA first Time, two-time NBA Finals MVP. He has also been included in the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players (1996), Olympic Gold Medalist (1992), NBA Rookie player of the year (1980).

Larry always strived to be an exemplary perfectionist and was idolized by his team mates as well as his fans for his allegiances and purists for the game.