No matter what job we are performing in life, we should always want to bring out the best in those around us. This is even more important for your players on your basketball team. When your goal is to bring out the best in your players, you will find that they will in time learn to contain high respect for you, not only as a coach but a human being. You want to be the best role model possible for your players and bringing out the best in your players is the best way to begin your journey of kind deeds.

Begin bringing out the best in your players with aiding them in reaching their ultimate potential with the game of basketball. You should make it your personal goal to be inspirational to your players. Your inspiration will aid your players in becoming not only better basketball players but better people.

Relay to your players that greatness is not achieved who they currently are, greatness is achieved by who they want to become. Treat your players with respect and you will find you will receive respect ten folds back from your players. Always tell your players when they do a great job but do not ignore the fact of letting them know when they did a bad job on something.

Be a positive role model for your players. A good example of this is to always relay things positively to your players. Praise your players while showing sincerity, this can make the difference sometimes in how your players will perform on the court. You want to increase their self-esteem not only with the game of basketball but in their every day lives.

You will find with these methods that if you focus on the good traits your players contain, you will be able to find something good in all your players as compared to only a few players. Sometimes people tend to focus on solely bad traits of people but if you look deep enough you will be able to find something good about everyone and this is precisely what you need to focus on.

When you speak to your players, ensure that you always look them square in the eye. This is a great method with inspiring your players and this method allows them to understand that when you speak it is always with confidence.

The last time I would like to offer is that you should follow the same rules of inspiration for yourself. You must realize that we all have weaknesses and habits which we must continually strive to improve however; this should not excuse yourself for not reaching your own full potential. Do not forget yourself during the journey of aiding others to become the best individuals they can become.

You are human and you must never beat yourself up over mistakes which you have and will make within your life. Love yourself just as much as you love those around you. Keep in mind that you cannot be an inspiration to others if you do not inspire yourself.

Picture credit: maxplumbCreative Commons Attribution