In competitive leagues, as well as recreational leagues, aspiring coaches play a vital role when it comes to assisting the whole club to reach the overall goals. These can be winning a tournament, or even teaching the fundamentals to basketball starters. Although there are a lot of things to be taught, the first thing I would recommend when trying to inspire youth coaches is to instill passion. Youth coaches, no matter what game they are coaching, must be passionate about the game. If you are passionate it makes things much easier when working hard while achieving the set goals for the basketball team.

Passion for the game is very important
Passion will allow a youth coach to work within the constant obstacles, which come their way, as well as allowing them to come up with fresh new ideas in aiding their team to be the best they can be, on and off the basketball court.

Do not become a drill sergeant
Instilling passion into your youth coaches should not be misconstrued with tactics of a drill sergeant. Children are just that, children, and they do not need for any coach to be yelling and screaming at them. Utilizing drill sergeant tactics will have the reverse effect on children playing basketball with the children resenting the sport as compared to enjoying it.

Self development is the key
Teach your youth coaches to develop their passion while guiding their players to succeed. The children should enjoy playing basketball which is why your youth coaches should make the game of basketball as enjoyable as possible for their players.

Making a difference in the lives of children
Youth coaches should contain the desire to succeed while making a difference in a child’s life. Sometimes, basketball players come from a dysfunctional family and they do not have the guidance which is needed to ensure they become constructive citizens within our society. As a youth coach, this can prove to be a strategic position which allows you to give a child the needed guidance, not only becoming a great basketball player but a great person.

“Do as I say, not as I do” mentality
As someone who is aspiring youth coaches, you must ensure that you live by the same rules and regulations you set forth for your coaches. If you are driving home morals and behaviors which you feel your youth coaches should stand by, you must stand by the same morals and behaviors. You want your youth coaches to make a difference while building a great basketball team and if you are not living by the same rules and regulations, you will ultimately fail in your goals.

Love for the game of Basketball
Your youth coaches should contain a love for the game of basketball. This is one of the most important ways to inspire children. When a child views how much their coach loves the game of basketball, this will be reflected in the basketball players. Most children as well as youth coaches do contain a love for the game of basketball and this should reflect in everything they do referencing this wonderful sport.

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