Have you been out for a while? Maybe you gave up basketball after high school to focus on college. Maybe you had a family. Maybe you are starting it up to get back in shape. We can go on forever as to why you quit and are now finally coming back. However, that will get us no where. You asked us – what is the best way to get back in shape and get back in mind so we are here to answer you.

You might remember how demanding the sport was that you once loved to play. That is why you need to be in physical shape. You need to be able to run from one end of the court to the next. It can get pretty tiresome.

You might even have to reorient yourself with the court. If it has been that long for you, you might not exactly remember all the positions and such. So, be familiar with the court.

Along with that, you need to remember the rules of the game. Sometimes they add rules. Just be sure that you are caught up with whatever, they are so that you aren’t arguing with the referee. Learn the hand signs for the calls. Some players actually forget things like these. You wouldn’t think about it, but you still need to know it.

You’re not only having to be physically fit, but there are a few other things besides the obvious that you need to work on. What are some of those? We have them for you. The first thing that you really need to work on is stamina. This will help you with your balance. You might not remember how hard it was at times to keep your balance as you were going after the ball. Build up on that.

Along with the stamina, you need the speed that it takes. Those you are playing with might have been playing for the longest of time. You need to be able to stay on top of the guy that you are assigned to and that means being just as fast as him or her. You probably forgot that part didn’t you?

You need to have the right mind too. You might laugh at this, but its true. You need to be able to focus on the ball. Part of playing basketball entails you to know the players next move. You need to know who they are going to pass to and so on. Just work on that reading people concept.

Then last, you need to work on your shots. What you used to be able to shoot might not be so anymore. Take a few turns at the gym to practice narrowing down on that angle and getting your depth perception back. When you have this made and can do all of the above or at least have a good grasp on it, then you are ready to go back and dominate the courts once again. So, get out there and go have fun after what might seem like a long time for you.

Picture credit: magnusfranklinCreative Commons Attribution