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Writer/Producer/Director “Lessons of Basketball and War” follows one year in the life of a remarkable educator and the refugees from war that he has taken under his wing. For these girls, the war they’ve escaped seems far behind them, but tribal and cultural conflict follows them to their new home.

Principal Kevin Bacon has made it his mission to find a solution to the outbreaks of violence and emotional conflict within this tight-knit group of refugees. He hopes that the African Girls Basketball Team will foster the teamwork they will need to be successful American women and hopefully bring some peace to his school. Unfortunately, reality isn’t always quite as neat as theory.

I have come to respect Kevin Bacon greatly since he agreed to allow our cameras into his school. He believes in the value of diversity and the inherent worth of every child. I also have grown to care deeply about the Somali girls and respect their fortitude in a world which seems stacked against them. There is much to be learned from Kevin and the girls he is coaxing into a basketball team. My goal is for this film to do justice to their story.

As of the Fall of 2011, the film is beginning post production. This is a very early edit with temp music and scratch narration of the open and several preliminary scene assemblies.