With this drill you can improve shooting from the various spots on the floor and add competitiveness.

Setup five cones in the low-post area, the free-throw line, free-throw line extended and on top of the key. Depending on the skills of your players you can add more cones. If necessary, increase (or reduce) the distance to the basket so your players can work on the proper technique without using too much strength. Two pairs of players can go to one half of the court. One player is the passer/rebounder, the other one is the shooter.
Course of action:
Start with shooting from each spot marked with a cone, while the other player rebounds and passes. Make two in a row before moving to the next cone.

Key points:
Shooters always go at game speed with one dribbling to have fluent shooting rhythm. Shooter shows the palm of the handds to receive the ball for each shot. Concentrate to score! Rebounder has to catch the ball before it hits the ground.

Add different shots: First, go for the jump shot, then do a layup with one dribbling. If the shooter misses one of two, he has to sprint to the midcourt line for another attempt to shoot two in a row. Let the two teams on each half of the court compete against eachother. Loser does line sprints, sit-ups, etc.