So, you want to play the point guard hey? Then you need to know the skills of what it takes to be a great point guard. You don’t want to go messing this chance up do you? Well, here is a sample of what it takes to say that you have the skills.

The first thing it takes is a little bit of communication. You will be telling people where to go and what the next step is. When you are on the court you are like the second hand man. What comes from the coach is explained on the court from you. That’s pretty cool huh?

The next thing that you have to know how to do in terms of skills is passing. You need to know who to pass it to. Your passes have to be easy and this is also where your communication comes in. You need to let the person known to whom you are passing to. When you have this covered, you really have a game going on.

You need to know how to balance on the court as well. With your position, you will be all over the court. You need to learn how to slide and pivot so that you can maneuver in whichever way that you need to make the score.

You also are the one to set the pace of the game. You know when it needs to get heated. As you are like the captain of the team you need to show the guys or girls for with whom you are playing how they need to play. If they need to step it up a notch, then so do you. If you need to slow it down as you are losing momentum then you are the one who has to do this.

You have to have the skills of a leader. When the team gets down on the court, when you huddle about you are going to have to keep them going. You are going to not only have to set the pace. But you are going to have to set the mood as well. We know this sounds a bit extreme, but you are the one they look up to. You are their game guide.

You need to know how to dribble. You do not know how many point guards think they are good, but have not mastered this. You have to hold onto that ball. It is too easy for it to get away from you.

You might even have to condition yourself. How so? You might have to get your body in shape. You might have to work on your jumps and your shots. You might have to do whatever it takes so that you are the best of the point guards around. That is what it takes. When you have these skills down and can fake your opponent, then you have the skills of a true point guard. So, see which ones you have and which ones you really need to work on in order to make it happen.

Picture credit: Zander.217 Creative Commons Attribution