This is a guest post by Karaya G.

I recently read on Twitter, that someone said that there are no other women college basketball players worth watching except for one Maya Moore. Being who I am, an avid college basketball watcher, I was quick to respond with yes there are. The only reason why more people don’t know about these other exceptional women college players is, because the front of their uniform does not read UCONN.

Trust me, when I say that there is a plethora of good to great players across the nation in the women’s college game, but they do not get the exposure of UCONN and Maya Moore. Well, this is my thought on a few of such players. This is not to run off stats and or accolades on these players, you can check their bio’s for that, this is simply my appreciation of their play.

I will start off with Danielle Robinson of Oklahoma (Big 12 Conference). She is a senior guard with great speed, and a great understanding of the game. If you have not seen her play, then you definitely need too. Robinson has the ability to get to the basket with ease, draw the contact, get the foul, and still score the basket. Not only can she do it on the offensive end, but she can get it done on the defensive end as well. She is a great floor leader, which any good point guard has to be, and you can tell that she has the respect of her coaches and her team as well.

Recently read an interview done on Danielle by Brenda VanLengen who is the resident color analyst for the women’s Big 12 conference; where she highlighted some of Robinson’s off the court contributions as well. She is not only a threat on the court, but a selfless player off the court. It is rare that you find a player that is so tenacious on the court, but such a giving person off; who helps anyone that needs a helping hand.

If you are not familiar with the Big 12 conference or with Danielle Robinson then I suggest you should. Neither will disappoint. I have been a fan of Danielle Robinson for some time now. And being such a fan of college basketball, I don’t think she gets the justice she is deserved. I expect to see Robinson in the WNBA next season, and there is undoubtedly any team in the league that will not will her athleticism and knowledge of the game.

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