In 1992 the International Olympic Committee cut the rule, that only accepted amateurs to participate in international championships. This allowed the U.S. team to compete with their best players from the NBA.

As expected the superstar-studded team dominated the competition and the “Dream Team” won all the games with a big lead. The closest game they played was the final game against Croatia, when the U.S. team won with a difference of 32 points. The Croatian team was led by Drazen Petrovic, who had stars like Toni Kukoc, Dino Radja and Stojan Vrankovic at his side. Nevertheless, the team was inferior and didn’t stand a chance. The gameplay of the Dream Team was marked by a strong and physical man-to-man defense and countless fastbreaks. The weak field goal percentage of the Croatians as well as the rebound superiority of the Dream Team had been a crucial part of winning the finals in the Olympic Games in 1992.

This is a great documentary from NBATV.