Coaching is the act of influencing a person to be capable of performing a certain task. Others may consider coaching as a form of tutorial or, perhaps, mentoring. In general, people try to acquire coaches for knowledge and skills advancement. Learning can be swift with the help of a coach. In the field of sports, coaches play a vital role. The foundation of building an effective team management lies in their hands. Their scope of duty runs from constructing creative plays, to getting in-depth with each of their players. Certainly, a person cannot coach someone he does not know.

Coaching aspirants may ask these questions:

  1. Is it not enough to finish a 4-year Bachelors degree in Physical Education?
  2. Is it not enough that I know basketball too much and I think I am ready to coach?
  3. Is it not enough that I have experienced in basketball coaching in our neighborhood?
  4. Is it not enough that I have been playing the sport for years?

What does it mean to get a coaching certification? Let us try to see the concept of certification.

Webster’s dictionary has a clear definition of the following words associated with the term certification:

  • Certificate – a document formally attesting a fact; a testimonial of qualifications or character.
  • Certify – to declare in writing or attest formally; to endorse with authority.

By the definitions itself, a person can already have an apparent understanding of what it means to be certified. A person who is certified is being endorsed with authority to practice a certain profession. Authority is a very strong word that suggests that a person, who has gained a certification, has the capabilities of performing a task with a certain degree of competence.

Rationales for obtaining a Coaching Certification

There are many reasons why a coaching aspirant should get a certain certification program. I will try to give you the picture of today’s demands when it comes to learning and education.

  • It is a Requirement:
    When you try to apply for a job, employers will try to look at your degree of competence. You will be assessed whether, or not, you are legible and equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for the job. In some way, competence can be assessed with the certifications that you have achieved. As what I have explained above, certification means you have been endorsed with factual qualifications, and most importantly, with authority to do the job.

    Even if you look at the requirements for Professional Teachers nowadays, they are obliged to take a Master’s degree, then eventually, a Doctor’s degree.

  • For Professional Growth:
    Certification is not easy to achieve. But it is definitely attainable. You will be furnished with trainings demanding your knowledge and skills. A coaching certification will develop your physical, social, and intellectual capabilities. You will be furnished to become someone proficient to influence, mentor, and educate.

    You will be able to level up your competency with the following:

    a. Knowledge about the sport itself:
    If you try to get a basketball coach certification, the scope of trainings will be all about basketball game. It basically constitutes the rules of the game and how the game is played. A bonus will be acquiring an advance basketball coaching education, wherein you can learn new tricks, skills, or procedures to make impeccable plays.

    b. Drills for physical conditioning and skills enhancement:

    It is necessary to condition your body first before you do the actual game. Physical conditioning helps you prepare your players. It develops the body system to tolerate the demands of the sport. It decreases the chance to develop major injuries. With a conditioned physical status, you can learn to enhance your basketball skills with ease.

    c. Ability to influence:
    A coach’s major task is to influence his players to become great athletes, and individuals as well. Your leadership skills will be put to test. You will become the handler of players, and great players rise from great handlers.

    d. Ability to discipline:
    Discipline is very vital in the world of sports. As a coach, you have to discipline yourself as well as your team. Nothing comes easy, considering the fact that individuals are unique. Ability to discipline can gain self-respect and respect from your players.

    e. Problem-solving ability:
    A Sport is a mind game. It is like a puzzle wherein you find ways to put up a good formula to win a game. You have great advantage if you display mental toughness. You will be shaped-up, mentally, to handle hindrances along the way.

    f. Decision-making ability:

    As a coach, you will be the head of the team. Most of the decisions will come from you. It is necessary to be equipped with an efficient decision-making ability.

    g. Ability to handle players’ attitude issues:

    A sport is also a social game. Several players are involved. As a coach, you handle a team with diversified personalities. You will impose an individual approach. This is another challenge for coaches to develop.

    h. Ability to create plans and attainable goals:

    Planning is an important tool to organize and manage a team. You do not want to compete without knowing where to start. A good coach consistently plans for approaches that may be needed to attain the team’s goal.

Moreover, with on-going research studies, there is a constant change in everything. New concepts arise, and new procedures are taught. It is a great help to be consistently updated with new learning. Getting certifications will put you up to the next level. You will have great advantage in terms of advancement in knowledge and skills.

  • Increases your Credibility:
    A certification is a valid proof that you are credible enough in your field of study. Employers and players would love to work with someone who can get the job done.
  • A major plus or factor in building a coaching career:
    Becoming certified means that you have solidified your capabilities to a higher level of proficiency. Proficient coaches are very much in demand. They are always on top of the list. Just imagine how excellent it is to obtain a coaching certification.

It is always advantageous not to stop acquiring new knowledge and skills. Like computer games, you should work hard to update and level up to become proficient. Do not hesitate to share your knowledge because for it to grow, it should be passed from one generation to the other.

Picture credit: SD DirkCreative Commons Attribution