What to say in a News Interview

Athletes are known for their powerful forms that gracefully move to the beat of victory. When a basketball player strives to better his game by running bleachers and wind sprints he is praised. Many athletes find their dynamic personalities are often eclipsed by their body’s energetic performance on court. Athletes should allow their sparkling minds to shine along with their sweaty, sinewy biceps. When an athlete is called upon to discuss his performance and that of his team in a news interview there are a few basics which should be kept in mind.

A positive attitude, pleasantly smiling face, relaxed shoulders, straight posture, and a congenial tone are the first steps to successful communication in a news interview. Whether an athlete is speaking with a newspaper reporter or in front of a camera with a sportscaster, it is important to know that the impression made on the interviewer will dictate the tone of the interview.

How an athlete conducts herself with the interviewer will set the tone of the interview as it is edited or written about in the interviewers down time. Viewers and readers will judge the athlete and her team by the impression that is made from the statements the athlete makes. Here are a few basic things to remember as an athlete being interviewed for the news. Always remember a respectful, polite interview is best. As Bobby Knight the famous Indiana Hoosiers coach said, “The key is not the “will to win”…everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” Preparation is the key to a great news interview.

  • Be positive and upbeat when discussing your team and team members.
  • Discuss yourself, your personal athletic goals, your team goals, and your athletic regime in regards to diet and exercise.
  • Use proper language and diction. Use grammatically correct language.
  • Discuss the game and how you felt while playing.
  • Discuss your future goals, hopes, and positive expectations.
  • Discuss your passion, exuberance, excitement, and love for the game.
  • Discuss things that inspire you to strive for excellence. Your mentors included.
  • Gather together quotes from people you admire to use as segues during the interview.
  • Discuss your motivations. Reasons behind why you took certain actions: sponsored an event.
  • Discuss memories that are positive that support your role today as an athlete.
  • Discuss community support and thank those who support you and your team.
  • Talk about upcoming events, fundraisers, tournaments, and games that you will be participating in. Discuss if you need community involvement. This is a great way to increase support for your team.
  • Do not make open, public criticisms of your team, other teams, coaches, or parts of the community.
  • Do not discuss your opinion on politics, religion, social change, or topics that are irrelevant to your team sport.
  • Do not discuss any type of team discord or lay blame for any team failures. Keep these things private between yourself, your coaching staff, and your team.
  • Do not make racist, derogative, or bigoted remarks.
  • Do not use foul language. Keep the use of slang to a minimum.

Photo credit: inboundpass