Sometimes, we ask ourselves if the things we do are really right for us. We even test ourselves just to know the answers to such questions. This is the same with basketball. Some players get to a point when they try to question themselves if basketball is the right sport for them and this is a bad sign of self doubt. I’ve created a lists on the questions you can ask yourself to solve this doubt.

1. Am I physically fit to play the game?
The number one demand of the sport for an aspiring player to have strong physical characteristics. The game is about running, shooting, dribbling and defending and it all requires a good physical condition. Just imagine playing for at least 40 or 48 minutes. Of course, you can rest during ball games, but the point is that you are going to play for a long period of time. You have to sustain a level of energy in order to keep up in the game and you cannot get weak because you might get left behind. Everything is transition in basketball and you cannot rest too much.

Aside from that, you also have to deal with hard body contacts with your opponents which can also be very exhausting. You can even get injured if you do not prepare yourself for this. These are the reasons you have to be physically prepared if you want to engage in this sport.

2. Can I shoot the ball?
You have to score points when you would like to win games. There are many drills, and exercises, which can help you develop this skill. However, it might not be easy as the way you think it is. Shooting is a skill that needs a sharp eye, smooth arms to hands stroke and accuracy. If you think you can have the stroke in shooting the ball to the basket, then the sport might be right for you. You can be a deadly asset to help the team score a lot of points.

3. Can I defend the basket?
If you are bad with shooting, do not discourage yourself right away. Discover first if you have the skill to defend your opponent and compete with heavy body contact to block other players. Being a good basketball player does not just come from offense, but also defense. Try to see if you have this skill. You must understand that not all shooters are good defenders, and not all defenders are good shooters. Every player has his own skill which can provide valuable contributions to the team.

4. Can I work with other players?
Unlike with some other sports, you do not play alone with basketball. You have your teammates and your coach to depend on. You work with each other to achieve one goal. Now, the reality is that there are individuals who cannot work effectively in teams. However, if you think you are good in working with some other people, then probably you should join this sport.

5. Can I learn to follow directions on court?
You do not make the decisions alone on the court. You have a coach to tell you what you should do in certain situations. If you are positive that you can follow instructions, go ahead with playing basketball.

I always say that basketball is all about playing good structured offensive and defensive games. This is how important directions are. They serve as guides on what you should do on the court.

At times, coaches get to deal with players who do not know how to follow instructions. Bottom line, they then aren’t as successful as they could be. And I tell you, losing games just because your player cannot follow directions is very disappointing.

6. Can I endure and overcome the pressure it brings me?
Basketball is a very fast-paced and exciting sport. However, it can also give you a lot of pressure, especially when you are in a very close game. You have to handle pressure well, otherwise it can eat you up, placing you in the pits of defeat. On the other hand, pressure can also lead to big troubles on court. Emotions can rise, and the fun play leads to great ramble among players.

7. Do I have the willingness to learn the sport?
If you are not really good at basketball and you think that you want to give it a shot, try asking yourself if you have the willingness to learn the sport. There is no way to become a good basketball player than to learn how to play it and practice accordingly. Even coaches and excellent players continue to study and continue to practice in order to widen their knowledge and skills of the sport. You should learn to continue growing in terms of your basketball skills.

8. Do I have the heart to do whatever it takes to succeed?
Like all games Basketball is about scoring more points than your opponent, but you can succeed in so many ways. You can succeed in shooting the ball, defending your man or rebounding the ball. Do you have the heart to do whatever it take for you to get in position to shoot that ball, block your man, and hassle to rebound the ball?

9. Can I follow the sport’s rules and regulations?
Some players might fail to succeed in the sport of basketball because they don’t know the rules and regulations. They might not agree with the way the sport presents its limitations. However, the question now is in you? Can you agree and follow the sport’s rules? The rules might vary from different leagues, but the point here is that you should be aware of your limitations and see if you can follow such things. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to deal with the game.

10. Am I happy with playing the game?
The most important thing is that you get to feel joy or happiness, when you play the sport. When you are happy with what you are doing, you can always expect yourself to strive more in order to develop your talents as a basketball player.

You cannot decide to do something because you just feel like doing it. You have to dedicate and commit yourself to whatever you want to do. If you really want to play basketball, work hard to become the player you envisioned yourself to be.

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