When you ask about famous basketball players, most will say that they love the skills of Kobe Bryant. But you might not know much about him. We found out what there is to know. We thought you might be interested in it too. Let’s get a glimpse of this amazing basketball player.

Kobe Bryant was making headlines before he got picked for the NBA. We’re talking making headlines when he played basketball in high school. After graduation, the NBA was all over him. His first pick was the thirteenth to be picked for the Charlotte Hornets from there though he was traded to Los Angeles.

For three years the Lakers were very successful. His first three years with the Lakers took them to three championships. It wasn’t until 2003 through that he became their prime player. With high scores, he was what gave the Lakers the high standings that they had.

He made NBA history when they played the Raptors. With eighty one points scored, that was the most to ever be scored in one game. This really paved the way for Kobe Bryant. He was the second ever player of the NBA to get what is called the Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point performance.

He has gotten the Most Valuable Player award. He helped to lead his team in the NBA in 2008 to the finals of a very well noted conference. He has even won a gold medal in the Olympics with the Dream Team. Everyone says that he has been an asset to this team, and we couldn’t agree more with them and that accusation.

Everyone wants a piece of him. His jersey is the second most wanted jersey in the United States making it worth a nice sum. His jersey is even one of the most top selling jerseys in two other countries. Those being Europe and China as you can see, he is a role model for many around the globe.

The only thing that has made fans really looks down upon this guy is the fact of his sexual assault charges in 2003. It was claimed that he assaulted a hotel employee when he was on tour with the team. Bryant says that it never happened and many believed him. When the person told the prosecutor that she wouldn’t’ testify, in 2004 all the charges were dropped and once again Bryant’s name was cleared. The accuser did take him to a lower court and filed a claim against him. That claim was settled by his lawyers out of court.

So, there you have it. The glimpse you need to know the man of the hoops known as Kobe Bryant. He has come far and done wonders for each team he has been on. When you watch him play basketball you can see why people love him and why fans go crazy. You might just fall in love with this rather tall and rather skilled player yourself. So go on, check it out for you to see the real Kobe Bryant in action.