When looking at sports and those who sit on the bench, society has been labeled them a lot of things. They might even say that they are no good to a team. Well, we are here to tell all of you who ride the bench that this is not true. You have your reason and your importance on a team just as those who get playing time.

Though you might not get the glory in which one hopes for, there are things that you bring to a team that some others cannot bring. If you are curious as to what those are then please keep reading.

The first thing that these bench warmers as some of you like to call them do is bring a peace of mind to the team. A team that does not have people ready to be there when things might fall apart start to sweat any injury or any call made by a referee or umpire. Knowing that you have the people who are just as ready to play as you are making a world of difference.

They also bring a sort of team spirit. Though they do not get to play, they are there to encourage those who do play on a constant basis. They dress with the team even though they might or might not get to see any action. They are just as revved up about the game at hand as you are.

They are also showing responsibility. That they can care even though they are not playing shows really good motivation. They are ready to be there through good times and bad. That is what a team is all about as well. Sometimes, you have to have a number of people in order to make something work. All those people might not be needed at one time, but even from the bench they can wish other team members well and give some insight and cheer to the team.

Many people think that without these players the team would be the same as they were. While to some degree this might be true, what happens if one gets hurt? Who sits and supports no matter what when they come in from the field or whatever in the lousiest of moods because they are trailing from behind? Those on the bench can see the errors that when you are playing you cannot see. Therefore, they do have their place. You just have to look at it differently sometimes. This is one way that you can see things differently.

So no matter what they call you, they do need you. They might not have the best way of showing it. Even bench warmers count. They count in the knick of time when things get really rough. That is what really matters. They are there through the good times and the bad even when they do not get to go do what it is they do. That should count for something and in our books it does.

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