Some people often are so wrapped up in the most advanced aspects of the game, that they forget even the simplest of things. While it would be easy just to say “Oh I Only Do That in the Heat of The Moment!”, sometimes it is that sort of mentality that can rub players or entire teams the wrong way. When the smallest of gestures can have such a large impact, are they truly a “minor” aspect as they seem to be put off as?

Common Courtesy is frequently forgotten on the courts these days because of the competitive nature of sports. Is it the fault of a player, or a coach? Well really you could blame anyone, but in truth the answer is, it is everyone’s fault. Coach’s occasionally overlook good sportsmanship in favor of scoring that extra few points or putting the opponent at a disadvantage. If you look at all sports and all levels of play you will find each league has specific players, and even teams and coaches’ that have been dubbed “goons.”

Sometimes these goons are a necessary part of sports, and when kept within certain guidelines are acceptable. However when your intent is to injure or cause harm/embarrassment to the other team than it is nothing but negative all around.

Celebrations are another focal point these days. The lines between creative and tasteless are being blurred as big name celebrities will celebrate a big score or a huge win with a “skit” of sorts. Occasionally these skits can be aimed to mock or otherwise hurt other teams, and that is where it crosses the line. Being a sore loser and being a poor winner are no different.

These days it is almost hard to find a player that you would like to be a role model for you or your children. Sometimes a sports figure tends to forget that they are in the spotlight and subject to a higher standard of critique and judgment. As well as us the fans, coaches, and other folks that follow basketball need also to realize that the players are people too and are prone to mistakes. No one is perfect, and while sportsmanship is still a rare quality, fans also play a role in how a team and player react to certain situations.

Often it is forgotten that the people we idolize on and off the court, are people just like us. Held up and observed under a microscope the things that we, as normal people can get away with, will be reported online before they even get home that night.

Common courtesy and sportsmanship are things that not only can be exercised and practiced by the players, but the fans in the crowd could also use a good lesson. Some parents and fans of recreational, or youth leagues can get out of hand just because they attempt to live their competitive spirit through another person. If fans, media outlets, and others just stopped for a second and realized that most players are not perfect, maybe, just maybe they would be given some slack, and maybe just maybe, their attitudes, their games, and their overall stress and pressure situations would improve.

While I know a lot of people just assume that because a player is professional, he is perfect, that’s wrong. A professional player, or a player of any kind, suffers from a lot of pressure to do well, and to constantly perform. Often the armchair players forget, and maybe fans and others need just to step back and leave the game to the professionals.