Within our current society, you will view a lot of people stressing the word “team”. It takes a lot to make a “team” as compared to merely labeling something a “team”. Teams are made up of dedicated individuals who think and act like a team.

Basketball coaches have always known how important a team is. A team is where common goals are shared. Teamwork is about cooperation as compared to competition. This is where basketball coaches fail when trying to build their basketball teams. They consistently try to enlist the players into competition as compared to cooperating with one another in creating the best basketball team ever.

In order to build a successful basketball team, you must teach teamwork. This means that you must develop a disciplined program where your players must conform to the team rules. This also means that you must work with your players in forming new habits while breaking bad habits. You must teach your players how to play together as compared to playing apart.

Within our current society, some people believe that individualism is best as compared to teamwork. Your players should be able to express themselves but with taste. Individuals should be allowed the freedom to express themselves but you must drive home the point to your players that when it comes to the game of basketball, individualism does not aid in forming a great basketball team.

Teamwork needs establishment of rules and goals and teamwork does not happen by merely making statements. A basketball coach must perform more as well make continual suggestions to his or her team.

As a basketball coach, you must understand how to lead your players. Ensure that you give your players goals and direction on how to achieve those set goals. You should not view yourself as a democratic leader with your basketball team, because with the game of basketball, there is only room for one leader and that leader is you.
You should routinely monitor the progress of your players. Keep statistics on your players which are listed as individual and team performance. You should not post the statistics but keep them for your own personal records. You need to understand your team’s weaknesses and strengths.

You will find that not everyone on your team will get along, and it is up to you as their coach to qualm these team conflicts whether they concern the whole team or merely a few individuals. You want to keep your team strong and united while having your players work out their differences or ridding the team of them. You want to promote peace and harmony on your team but be prepared to rule with an iron fist if need be.

Any good basketball coach understands the need for teamwork. Good basketball coaches also understand the need in their players to exercise individualism however, a great team consists of teamwork where much more can be achieved as compared to a few people performing on their own.

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