If you’ve ever thought of developing your own program, here are some of my ideas I’d like to share with you. Before you can promote your basketball program, you must ensure that it contains value. You want your program to have traits which not only add value to your basketball program but success.

The best place to begin adding value to your program is with your players. Simply ask your players what they feel can be achieved to help their basketball team. You would be surprised how the input of your players proves valuable.

Motivation is a great method for adding value to your basketball team. Get the most you can out of each and every practice performed. Is your basketball team getting a lot of practice time? Set goals for your team to out-practice other local basketball teams. You can never go wrong with more practice time on the court.

Temptation is something everyone has to deal with in life whether they play basketball or not. Teach your players to fight off temptations and you will find that this will enable your players to believe in themselves. You need to view your players appreciating the rules and regulations which you have set forth for them on and off the court. This will add purpose to your player’s lives. Teach your players life lessons and reinforce them. A good example of this is ensuring that your players keep their grades up.

They must understand that if they fail in the classroom, they fail on the court. Preparation is a great principle and one which must be taught to your players. Teach your players that if they are prepared for what not only the game of basketball throws at them but life, they will always be prepared to handle tough situations while appreciating the not-so stressful situations.

Before promoting your basketball program, you must ensure your program contains some class. You will find that working with your players on adding class to their basketball program will instill pride and great work ethics. You want your entire team to experience what it is like to truly work as a team while listening to your players when they have negative or positive criticism they feel you should hear.

You can add more class to your team by driving home that hard work is what it takes to have a successful basketball team. You must step up and be a great leader to your players. Leadership is something your players need to view their coaches displaying at all times. Make sure your players are attending their classes while being on time. Ensure that they are working hard on their academics while treating not only their teammates but people generally with respect.

This article has been about the core values which any basketball team should contain. These core values are very important before you embark on promoting your basketball program. You need to be tough on your players while teaching them hat everything does matter not only today but every day. Once your basketball program contains these core values only then can you begin to promote your basketball program.

Picture credit: battlecreekcvbCreative Commons Attribution