The differences between the two leagues WNBA and NBA vary from season to season, and aspect to aspect. No two seasons are ever the same, and therefore by the time you read this, some changes may have been made that will even outdate these findings. Every sport has changes to its game with every new season it faces. These changes are made to bring about fair competition, exciting games for the fans, and to make things fair in the end. While the game could be left the same year after year, it has to adapt, and change to keep up with the times.

Some of the differences: The ball for women ranges in size from 28.5 inches to 29 inches. This is a full inch smaller then the men’s ball size, and while a lot of people believe this can change the game greatly, it simply serves to even the playing field for the competition. Men traditionally have bigger hands, and, therefore, can handle a larger ball; the weight difference is very minute and doesn’t play a factor.

Often when you are watching the games, if you watched one and then the other, only a very experienced basketball fan could spot the difference without being told.

In Men’s basketball, a five-second rule is applied if there is a defender within 6 feet of the player, in women’s ball the defender has to be within three feet of the player. Women’s basketball is currently less popular then men’s basketball, but that isn’t because of the quality, it is because women’s basketball even though it’s been around for awhile, is still fairly fresh and new on the scene and hasn’t become quite as the mainstream yet. Give it a few more years and it will grow leaps and bounds in popularity.

The team mechanics and styles are also very different. Men will always attempt to plow through things with athleticism and skill while women tend to analyze a situation and come up with a response. Women’s basketball tends to be slightly more technical, and the women’s learning styles are far more different and vocal. Men will ask a question, and answer a question. Nice and simple. Women will ask a question, answer the question, and analyze it. Coming ups with in-depth and correct answers that not only help the coaches but also help the players.

In the end, other than a few small measurement differences, and the size and biological differences between men and women, truly the game, in essence, is the same. It is a competitive sport, which both men and women play to win, play with their teams, and enjoy. While the technical aspects of the game surely are different, the spirit of the game has no difference between men and women. Both sets of players will give it their all from game to game, and season to season and fans of both will convey to you the same thing, it’s a pleasure to watch, and has the same enthusiasm behind it, no matter who you are watching!

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