There can be several happenings in your life as well as your basketball career that might let you down. Most of the times it could be because you did not do well during practice or that all important game. Sometimes during a game you could have had the chance to let your team win, you could have missed out on that all important 3 pointer, or you could have taken advantage of free-throws but things didn’t work out in your team’s favor. This is good enough to make you feel like you are a loser. This is exactly the time when you need the right kind of inspiration and motivation. Getting yourself motivated or inspired when you feel like a loser is what professional players do, and wallowing in your own grief will only bring in a lot of negativity and make you feel even more like a looser.

It’s a decision that you need to make, the choice is entirely yours, but there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself: Are you a loser? Are you someone who gives up when everything seems to be down? Frankly speaking you shouldn’t be! You need the attitude to pick yourself up no matter how badly you rate yourself.

There is a lot of inspiration around you, all you need to do is pick one that will bring you out of the dump you are in. An inspiration in life will make it easier for you to give up all your negative thoughts that you are harboring in your mind. If you are a parent, then you might want to take a look at your kids, play with them. They will motivate and inspire you enough to get back on your feet and make you feel positive once again.

If you’ve always loved some of the great NBA players like Shaq, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James etc then you might find a lot of inspiration by reading books on them or watching some of their motivational videos and how they practice and play the game. What you need to remember is that although they are superstars in the field, they too have made it through some difficult times on and off court, they have made it to great heights through sheer perseverance and the goal to succeed and be the best, everything else was second.

You can also practice what you think you need improvement in. If you think that passing is something that you lack, then practice on it. Get any of your friends or team mates to help you out. Some players talk to their coaches who have a better idea where they need to wind themselves up. This makes a huge difference and you can learn to practice and perfect yourself in your shortcomings.

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