Over the course of a week, I visit several websites and blogs to read articles on what is going on in the Basketball Coaching Network. With the Speedlinking Series, I’d like to share the love with others who are writing really great content for you, so here are some of the best articles I found on the web:

Player Development
Train With Purpose ► Stronger Team
Skill Acquisition in Sport – The Journey to Expertise ► The Sport in Mind
Does free throw practice help improve your game? ► Coach Pintar’s Coaches Corner

How to Deal With Slow Starts in Basketball ► Basketball for Coaches
NCAA Rule Changes: Adopt FIBA’s Rules ► Brian McCormick Basketball
Comfort Zone ► Stronger Team
Evaluating a Coach’s Record ► Youth Basketball Coaching Association
Injury Rates Among Youth Athletes ► Outside the Lines
Team Culture Is Reflected In Its Attention To Detail ► Moms Team

15 Facts About Youth Sports That You Should Know ► JBM Thinks
How Well Do You Know Your Child? ► JBM Thinks
Family Priorities Vs Youth Sports: Who Wins this Tug of War? ► JBM Thinks

Drills & Plays
Live 5 on 5 Transition Offense Drill ► Online Basketball Drills
“Quick Stop” Footwork Drill for Basketball ► Online Basketball Drills
Basketball Shooting Drills ► Men’s Basketball HoopScoop
MEET THE PRESS: Escape Pressing Drills ► Men’s Basketball HoopScoop
‘Hammer time’: Breaking down one of the San Antonio Spurs’ favorite plays ► Coach Pintar’s Coaches Corner
Creative tweaking: How a defensive switch can ruin the best after-timeout sequence ► Coach Pintar’s Coaches Corner

Health & Motivation
Practice, Persevere, and Trust That You’re Making Progress ► Tiny Buddha
The power of the underdog ► The Sport in Mind
RICE Is Still A First Aid Staple ► Moms Team
20 Ways to Get Mentally Tough at Work, in Sports and Life ► Jon Gordon

Enjoy these great articles and make sure to stop by the listed blogs! If you’d like to point me to a blog you are missing here and which you feel I should be highlighting (your blog, perhaps?), please comment below and I will be happy to include it in my list.