When you are playing a competitive sport sometimes you need to have something to motivate yourself before a game. It is important to have a positive mental state during the game because that will help to make you successful and cope with the stress created during competition. When an athlete has a positive attitude it manifests itself to the world as self-confidence. The athlete who is self-confident and has a winning attitude will then be more motivated for their upcoming games.

Self visualization of success before games can help the athlete be more motivated. Visualization of winning then makes the athlete a winner not only in their own minds but also becomes an actuality in their life by creating self-esteem. Self motivation may seem to be a little difficult especially if you find yourself in a mental slump. Here are a few ways for you to motivate yourself before you play your basketball game:

  • Focus on the reason you play basketball. Think about the things that you enjoy about playing.
  • Think about the best games you have played and feel the passion and drive from the memories.
  • Make sure that you create some type of pregame warm-up that helps direct your drive to succeed. A good pre-game warm-up will not only prepare your body to play but get your hormones pumping to get you excited to play. Try things like Tai’chi, Pilates, stretching/toning exercises, yoga, or moderate aerobic exercises like jogging or bicycling.
  • You can also center your mind by meditating before a game.
  • You can review your favorite sports DVDs of great games that inspire you.
  • You can read the philosophies of great sports authorities through books and sports literature. Read things from people like Michael Jordan, Red Auerbach, Bobby Knight, and other great players and coaches.
  • Create a mantra for yourself that you recite that makes you feel passion to attain your goals. You can repeat the mantra to yourself when you are warming up for your game and anytime you feel the need to motivate yourself. Think of a phrase that sums up how you want to feel or what you want to accomplish. For example: I am a winner. I am successful. I love to play the game of basketball. Then repeat these positive words to yourself as your mantra.
  • Talk to people who are positive and help to motivate you and your passion for the game.
  • Keep a journal of positive quotes and stories that you can look at when you need motivation.
  • Think about all of your wins and great plays that you made during games. Think about your best memories while playing basketball.
  • Talk to your coach and teammates about how you feel and what you want to achieve. Have positive discussions about your passion for the game and your accomplishments.
  • Think about what you want to do with your basketball career or efforts. Focus on your goals and anything you have earned in the way of trophies and tournaments won.

Photo credit: thelastminute