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Review Coach Godwin 8020 Scorer 3 Disc Set

Coach Godwin 8020 Scorer 3 Disc Set

The other week I got a complementary copy of the 80/20 Scorer from Coach Koran Godwin. He provides the complete instruction on how you can be a top-notch outside scorer in this 3-disc DVD package, and today I’d like to share this review with you.

For those of you, who don’t know Coach Godwin, he is the all-time leading scorer at the University of North Florida and has been in the New Jersey All-State Selection. Koran is a strict believer that the game is played 80% mentally and 20% on a physical level. Therefore he named this package the 80/20 Scorer DVD Set, which is available on www.8020Scorer.com for US$ 57 (US$ 49.95 for the downloadable version). The package includes:

-80/20 Scorer: Mental Excellence (DVD)
-80/20 Scorer: Head to Toe Scoring (DVD)
-80/20 Scorer: Unstoppable (DVD)
-Everyone Hates a Ball Hog But They All Love a Scorer (E-Book)

Everyone Hates a Ball Hog But They All Love a Scorer

Everyone Hates a Ball Hog But They All Love a Scorer

Disc 1: 80/20 Scorer, Mental Excellence
Coach Godwin is certain, that most of the game happens in your head. Apart from your preparation at the gym and working-out in the weight room, your attitude, your habits and work-ethic make the individual that you are, on and off the court. Koran explains the mental aspects of the game and helps you to prepare yourself for success.

Before watching the first DVD make sure to read the E-Book “Everyone Hates a Ball Hog But They All Love a Scorer” which is included in the 80/20 Scorer package, prior to watching the video footage. This DVD highlights and summarizes the essentials of this E-Book in an appealing way. You can basically feel the enthusiasm and experience Coach Godwin has.

Disc 2: 80/20 Head to Toe Scoring
On the second DVD, you’ll find 60 minutes of in-depth shooting advice, beginning with effective warm-up drills. Altogether, there are a lot more than 30 drills you can utilize directly in your next practice session.

The first 30 minutes aim for drills to build up hand-eye-coordination, peripheral vision and hand-speed. With these combination of drills you can completely boost up your overall ball handling skills easily, if you carry on making an effort and perform the drills on consistent basis. Nowadays it’s all about scoring and also the amount of points players make, therefore Coach Godwin also highlights on the lost art of passing, an often neglected skill.

The second half of the DVD concentrates on footwork and scoring in the paint. It’s captivating to see, that he relies on a lot of chair drills, which I absolutely love. You’ll come across a variety of jump shots, like the pull-up or step-back, along with catch & shoot drills and shooting off the screen. Over the years, I compiled a lot of mid-range shooting drills, that I consistently use in my practices. Thanks to this DVD I have added at least a dozen more drills to my shooting drill collection. This is crucial to prevent training sessions to become dull or boring for my players, I try to add variety. Right after he focuses on essential footwork, to address the complex movement demonstrated in his drills, which are featured on the second and third DVD.

Disc 3: 80/20 Unstoppable
The third DVD continue where the last ended: the Layup. In the first part, it covers applying different layup alternatives, such as layups with the right/wrong foot, the Euro step, Powermove and the Floater. Coach Godwin shows how to make use of drills, including special pads to simulate contact, while in the action of shooting. For my part, athletes are typically not challenged often enough with playing more physical. During game shots are then easily missed because of abrupt contact from their defenders.

The progression is scoring from the wing out of the triple-threat position, while applying contact to the shooter. As in the second DVD, you’ll find loads of drills that can be used, for example scoring off the wing, catching & shooting when in movement and scoring off the dribble. The Step-back, Coach G. favourite move, is highlighted as an example on how to create the needed space for shooting. The drill series ends with half a dozen drills to score, while having the hand of the defender in the face, something that happens often when playing against good defensive teams.

I highly reccomend this product! Coach Godwin’s 80/20 Scorer package is an essential piece for any player expecting to improve their scoring, mentally and physically. The E-book is a treasure chest, full with authentic and valuable information, which can be applied on and off the basketball court.

There are so many drills to easily keep busy during a whole summer (pre-season work-out), without practices getting dull or boring. The vast variety of drills and Coach G.’s attention to conveying the details in each technique, will make it easy for you to advance. As he said, there are so many ways to score and by including and using the information on this DVD package in your work-out plan honestly, you can be certain to have great building block to improve. It is up to you, the player, to be serious about yourself.

What I like:
-Perfect for players aiming to improve in the off-season.
-Variations of drills. In total, there are more than 60 drills to use in your work-out plan.
-There are a lot of new drills, I haven’t seen before. There is a great chance, that you will feel the same!
-Most of the drills can be carried out alone, without any partner, although it is a good idea to work-out with a team mate, to truly reap the benefits.

-Add transcriptions and sample practice plans. In this way coaches can print-out specific drills for their next practice session.

Please visit www.8020Scorer.com for more information on this great product!

Coach Koran Goodwin

Coach Koran Goodwin

Coach Koran Godwin is the author of “Everyone Hates A Ball Hog But They All Love A Scorer: The Complete Guide to Scoring Points On And Off the Basketball Court.” He founded JumpStartHoops.com to give players resources they need to reach their potential. As the single-season All-time leading scorer for Abraham Clark High School (Roselle, N.J.) and All-time leading scorer for the University of North Florida, Godwin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teachings. Visit his site at JumpStartHoops, the official 80/20 Scorer Website and follow him on Twitter.