Over the course of a week, I visit several websites and blogs to read articles on what is going on in the Basketball Coaching Network. Along with the Weekly Round of articles published here on Layups.com, I’d like to share with you some of the greatest articles I found on the web. You can find all previous links right here in the Speedlinking Archive.

These are posts from Blogs that I enjoy reading and recommend:
(alphabetical order)

Basketball Drills:

Basketball Drills & Plays:


Basketball Reference:

Better Basketball Coaching:

Breakthrough Basketball Blog:

X’s and O’s of Basketball:

Coaching Toolbox, The:

Coaching Toolbox, The:

Hoop Boost:

Elements of Excellence, The:

Get into Hoops:

Hoop Thoughts:

How To Jump Higher:

Men’s Basketball HoopScoop:

Rich Stoner:

Shot Science Basketball:

Temple of Zones, The:

UFC Women’s Basketball Thoughts:

Train for Hoops:

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