Over the course of a week, I visit several websites and blogs to read articles on what is going on in the Basketball Coaching Network. With the Speedlinking Series, I’d like to share the love with others who are writing really great content for you, so here are some of the best articles I found on the web:

Player Development
5 Ways Basketball Players Can Improve Immediately ► The Coaching Toolbox
6 Principles of Good Team Defense ► Hoops U
Focus on What You Control ► Inside Youth Sports
5 Common Qualities Of Elite Guards – Which Ones Do You have? ► Breakthrough Basketball

Advice for an aspiring college coach ► Brian McCormick Basketball
Being a Star in Your Role – As a Coach ► John Carrier
Spring Basketball ► Kevin Sutton
Creating a mastery-oriented performance climate – the role of a coach ► The Sport in Mind
Important Lesson for Youth Basketball Coaches ► Breakthrough Basketball

Managing a Multi-Athlete Home ► Outside the Lines
HS CODE OF CONDUCT: Should Kids Be Penalized for Missing Games Due to Family Vacation? ► Ask Coach Wolff
6 Questions to ask the Coach before the season ► CoachUP
4 Steps to Teaching your Child respect for Opponents ► JBM Thinks
Just Because You Volunteer Doesn’t Mean You Have Any Less Responsibility ► Michael Boyle

Drills & Plays
The 2-2-1 Set to Kill the 1-3-1 Zone ► John Carrier
4 Defensive Drills ► The Coaching Toolbox
Xavier Rebounding ► The Coaching Toolbox
Steve Nash Free Throw Shooting Drill ► Breakthrough Basketball

Health & Motivation
Helping Your Youth Athlete Mentally Recover from a Serious Injury ► Outside the Lines
Why You Should Eat Before Bed (+ 10 Healthy Bedtime Snack Ideas) ► 12 Minute Athlete
Action Versus Passivity ► Better Life Coaching Blog
7 Things You Are Doing That Are Definitely Making You Average ► Pick the Brain
Flow – Playing in the Zone ► The Sport in Mind

Enjoy these great articles and make sure to stop by the listed blogs! If you’d like to point me to a blog you are missing here and which you feel I should be highlighting (your blog, perhaps?), please comment below and I will be happy to include it in my list.