Learning how to make effective plays anywhere on the court is important when it comes to becoming an effective and well-rounded member of a team. One of the most difficult areas to play in is the post or low post position. This is because this area is one of the busiest and most gruelling of any on the court. Perhaps the only place which is busier is the area directly surrounding the basket itself.

If you are unsure where the low post area is, it is located close to the net but it is positioned outside of the free throw lane which extends away from the net towards the center court. Depending on where you are positioned in this low post area, it can be difficult to get a clear shot.

Post play can be physically and mentally difficult. You may be forced to endure a lot of physical abuse from opposing players as they attempt to get the ball away from you. Although in theory there should be no contact between players, in reality this is not always possible. You may find that you have to endure pushing, shoving and full body contact between you and opposing players as they attempt to prevent you from taking a shot.

Although the post position can be a great one to score from, there are areas within this part of the court that make it easier for you to score a basket. Learning where those particular areas are can be the key to scoring the most points with the least amount of effort. You should keep your own shooting skill in mind as well when you are determining what the best position is for you to shoot from within the post zone itself.

Remember that speed is important when you are in the post position. This area may not be of any added benefit if you cannot get a hold of the ball and then get into line in order to make a shot and take that shot before the opposing team is able get to you to try and steal the ball away. Good ball handling skills are important because this can allow you to grab the ball when it is passed to you, get it into the right position in your hands and then take a shot which will end in your team managing to score.

Along with speed comes foot positioning. This is critical because in the low post position, you may need to be able to move in any direction in order to react to opposing players who may be coming at you. Proper foot positioning can also help you avoid injury because if you are in the right foot position, you will be able to move in a way that will not cause any joint or muscle sprains or strains.

If you learn to use your size as a player to your advantage in post plays, you may find that you are able to score points for your team. Smaller players may want to take advantage of their speed and agility as opposed to taller players who may be able to use their height to their advantage.

A great post play takes time and practice to perfect. By learning specific strategies you will have a better chance of utilizing your time in the low post area most effectively.

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