When you look at some high school students, they wonder how they can get to college. Money might be tight and/or the parents might not be able to help. They may have what it takes to make it far and they can do so by getting scholarships. Many have the skills for a basketball scholarship and here are some thoughts on what it takes to get one of these.

Well, let’s start with the obvious. You can’t just be playing hoops at the park downtown to get one of these scholarships. You have to be active at school and more and you have to have a passion for it. Some might even want to make a career out of their basketball skills. Passion is one thing that it takes.

Another thing the scouts look for is leadership. You cannot be too proud when you score. You cannot be too angry when you don’t score. You have to be a team motivator and a vital part of the team. Don’t just try to control the courts all by yourself but rather be willing to play with a team and highlight your team mates as well. The team has to work together after all.

Something else they might even look for stems beyond the court. They might want to see what you are involved in when it comes to extracurricular activities. They want someone who is trying to make a difference in the community and if you can’t do this, then it might be up in the air as to if you get this or not. Basketball can be your life, but it shouldn’t control it.

Scouts might even look at your grades. They want someone who can prove that they belong in the college setting. They want someone who won’t flunk out. If you flunk out then you lose your scholarship and that won’t help your career on and off the court. Keep learning and keep your grades up!

The last thing they might check outside of the court is if you have been misbehaving. This goes along with the fact that they want someone who will be on their best behavior. When you go to a college that has picked you, you then are representing them so they want to be sure that those they pick are doing so in a positive manner.

Of course they will check out your basketball skills. They want to know that you have the drive and the ambition and want to make sure that you can go about and dribble as well as the score. Ordinary players can be found like sand on the beach. They want a player that has what it takes to make it big.

This is are some thoughts of me on getting a basketball scholarship. This can help you big time if college has always seemed more a dream than anything else. So, get your chance to shine and work on these things. You have the same chance as everyone else.

Picture credit: aaronisnotcoolCreative Commons Attribution